Registering for and Completing INS3991

INS3991 is a 0-credit course used to mark completion of the International Educational Experience requirement on a student's transcript. A student must register for this during the semester in which he/she will be undertaking an activity (study abroad or internship) in fulfillment of the International Educational Experience requirement, in addition to any related study abroad or internship courses.  


To do so, the student must first request permission by completing and submitting the INS3991 Approval Request. As indicated on that form, a student participating in a faculty-led study abroad (with exception of those offered through Coggin Study Abroad) will also need to complete the INS Enrollment Verification and Use of Credits. Students needing assistance should contact their advisor or Clayton McCarl, director of International Studies.  


Once the student's request is approved, their name will be added to the list of students cleared to register for INS3991 in the Canvas group for International Studies.


Students will be required to submit a short written piece about their experience, and possibly other documentation, in order to have INS3991 marked as completed. Details will be provided in the course site in Canvas for INS3991 for the corresponding semester.