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Promoting Faculty-Led Study Abroad Programs

The International Studies Program is pleased to help promote faculty-led study abroad programs through our social media (International Studies Facebook and International Studies Instagram) and our Canvas group. To ensure that our students have all the information they need to make informed choices, we request that faculty leaders provide the following materials.


1. A Word document containing the following information (in this order, please):

  •  Name of program
  •  Primary destination(s) (city and country)
  •  Travel dates (starting and ending)
  •  Faculty leaders (names and academic/professional titles)
  •  Description (250 words max.)
  •  Semester for which students register
  •  Course(s) for which students register (course code, title and number of credits)
  •  Can these courses count toward the major or minor in International Studies? (Clayton McCarl will answer this one.)
  •  Toward what other degree programs (majors and minors) can these courses count? (Faculty leader should please answer this. Keep in mind that International Studies students are able to double-count some courses, and all have minors or pursue double majors/dual degrees.)
  •  Prerequisite courses (course code and title, if applicable)
  •  Estimated program cost (and indicate whether airfare is included here)
  •  Estimated out-of-pocket costs (please indicate what that number includes)
  •  Will accepted students received TLO funds? If yes, indicate dollar amount per student
  •  Application deadline
  •  Deadline for initial payment
  •  Deadline for final payment
  •  Address of website or social media for program (if applicable)
  •  Contact person for more information (name, title and email address)
  •  Captions for all photos in #2, indicating at least the date and place where they were taken

2. At least one, but preferably several, photographs that relate to the program. These should be files in an image format (.jpg, .png, etc.), not embedded in the above Word doc (unless you want to also embed them there to show which caption goes with each photo). Please send original, full size images, not images that have been reduced in size or pulled from a .pdf.

3. Syllabi for any courses for which students will register. This allows us to determine, and indicate to students, whether the coursework involved can serve as major electives for the International Studies major. Syllabi from a prior year are fine, as long as course content will not vary in significant ways. If this is a new program, draft syllabi are acceptable.

4. Any additional publicity materials (brochures, etc.) that you would like students to review (in .pdf format, please). 

These materials can be sent via email to Clayton McCarl, director, International Studies Program.