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Student Asha Jama in South Korea in 2018

Program Leadership


Clayton McCarl, associate professor of Spanish

See description of director's role for more information.

Advisory Committee

  • Mina Baliamoune, professor of economics
  • Christopher Baynard, associate professor of geography and GIS
  • Payton Cantrell, study abroad advisor, International Center
  • Karen Cousins, director, Office of Undergraduate Research
  • Nicholas de Villiers, associate professor of English and film
  • Brandi Denison, associate professor of religious studies
  • Josh Gellers, associate professor of political science
  • David Jaffee, professor of sociology
  • Leslie Kaplan, director, Hicks Honors College
  • Chau Kelly, associate professor of history
  • Ronald Kephart, associate professor of anthropology
  • David Kersey, academic advisor, COAS Academic Advising
  • Nathan Kunz, assistant professor of operations management
  • Ruth López, assistant vice president for international affairs and diversity
  • Sarah Mattice, associate professor of philosophy
  • Lauren Newton, head of instruction, Thomas G. Carpenter Library
  • Nataliya Roman, assistant professor of communication
  • Katie Sarria, assistant director for retention initiatives, Undergraduate Studies
  • David Schwam–Baird, associate professor of political science and director, Master of Arts in International Affairs
  • Vivian Senior, associate director, COAS Career Success Center
  • Sericea Stallings–Smith, assistant professor of Public Health 
  • Chris Trice, associate professor of photography
  • Shaenna Van Keuren-Mokhesi, international studies major (student representative)
  • Stephanie Worley, study abroad advisor, Global Engagement

See description of role of Advisory Committee members for more information.