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student Alex Fechtel on study abroad trip to Greece

Program Leadership


Clayton McCarl, associate professor of Spanish

See description of director's role for more information.

Advising Team

Academic Advising

David Kersey, academic advisor, COAS Academic Advising (sophomores and above)

First-Year Advising Staff (freshmen)

Study Abroad

Payton Cantrell, study abroad advisor, International Center

Ann Hartunian, study abroad advisor, International Center 

Foreign Language

Patricia Geesey, professor of French and chair, Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures

Advisory Committee

  • Mina Baliamoune, professor of economics
  • Christopher Baynard, associate professor of geography and GIS
  • Payton Cantrell, study abroad advisor, International Center
  • Shinwoo Choi, assistant professor of social work
  • Karen Cousins, director, Office of Undergraduate Research
  • Nicholas de Villiers, associate professor of English and film
  • Brandi Denison, associate professor of religious studies
  • Josh Gellers, associate professor of political science
  • David Jaffee, professor of sociology
  • Leslie Kaplan, director, Hicks Honors College
  • Chau Kelly, associate professor of history
  • Ronald Kephart, associate professor of anthropology
  • David Kersey, academic advisor, COAS Academic Advising
  • Nathan Kunz, assistant professor of operations management
  • Ruth López, assistant vice president for international affairs and diversity
  • Sarah Mattice, associate professor of philosophy
  • Lauren Newton, head of instruction, Thomas G. Carpenter Library
  • Nataliya Roman, assistant professor of communication
  • Katie Sarria, assistant director for retention initiatives, Undergraduate Studies
  • Mara Schreiber, international studies/political science major (student representative)
  • David Schwam–Baird, associate professor of political science and director, Master of Arts in International Affairs
  • Vivian Senior, associate director, COAS Career Success Center
  • Sericea Stallings–Smith, assistant professor of Public Health 
  • Chris Trice, associate professor of photography
  • Shaenna Van Keuren-Mokhesi, international studies major (student representative)
  • Stephanie Worley, study abroad advisor, Global Engagement

See description of role of Advisory Committee members for more information.