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Policy on Directed Independent Studies

Students pursuing the Bachelor of Arts in International Studies will be allowed to register for INS4905 Directed Independent Study (DIS) provided all the following conditions are met: 
  • The requested DIS must pertain to a research project that has received funding through the UNF Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR). Generally such funding is secured by submitting a successful application for a research grant. Applications are due mid-semester for the following term (spring deadline for fall grants, fall deadline for spring grants). Students whose projects do not require funding must nonetheless complete this process, and may indicate on the grant application that monies will be used for for conference travel. Kelsey Eagen, OUR coordinator, can provide further guidance.
  • As part of the application above, the student must secure a faculty member (other than the director of the International Studies Program) who agrees to supervise their research. That faculty member must also indicate in writing, via email, to the director of the International Studies Program, their willingness to serve as the instructor of record for INS4905.
  • The director of the International Studies Program must deem that the methodology and/or content of the project is appropriate to research in International Studies.
  • All arrangements related to the DIS must be made prior to the end of the spring semester (for summer and fall DIS courses) or the fall semester (for spring DIS courses).