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Online accessibility

There is currently no formal online path through the Bachelor of Arts in International Studies. However, under the program of study that becomes effective with the 2020-2021 catalog, much of the major can be done online.

What should I expect to do in person?

  • Traditionally, the two required INS-prefixed courses are offered only in an in-person format (INS3003 Introduction to International Studies and INS4930 International Studies Senior Research Seminar). Either may be offered online on occasion, but there is no guarantee that will be the case.
  • The two courses in the first elective block (INR4603 International Relations: Frameworks for Analysis and CPO4014 Comparative Politics: Frameworks for Analysis—you choose one) may occasionally be available online, but, as with INS3003 and INS4930, there is no guarantee that will be the case.
  • The beginning and intermediate-level courses that most students need to meet the foreign language requirement are generally not available online.
  • Meeting general education requirements requires taking in-person courses, as does, in most cases, completing the minor required for a Bachelor of Arts degree.

What can be done online?

  • In all of the elective blocks (except potentially the first, as explained above) various online options are generally offered on a consistent basis, either in regular fall/spring semesters or in the summer. All together, the elective blocks account for 27 or the 33 upper-level hours that are part of the major, so a student who desired to do so could reasonably expect to be able to do at least 24 (possibly more) of the upper-level hours online.
  • The International Educational Experience is generally met through an in-person experience (study abroad or internship), but a virtual internship with appropriate content can potentially fulfill this requirement.

How can I get more information?

Contact your advisor or the director of the International Studies Program. Students can also review recent course lists (with the in-person/online format of courses indicated) on the Courses page of this website.