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Lecture/Film Series

Fall 2019: Cross-Cultural Encounters

All events are noon–2:45 PM in Building 014a/Room 1312. The screening of each film is followed by a conversation moderated by Dr. Nicholas de Villiers, professor of English and Film, and featuring the guest respondents listed below.

8/30 Lost in Translation (Coppola 2003)
Respondent: Dr. Harry Rothschild, professor of history

9/13 Babel (Iñárritu 2006)
Respondent: Dr. Anne Pfister, assistant professor of anthropology

9/20 Human Flow (Ai 2017)
Respondent: Dr. Leslie Kaplan, director, Hicks Honors College

10/4 Hiroshima mon amour (Resnais 1959)
Respondent: Dr. Clark Lunberry, professor of English

10/11 What Time Is It There? (Ni na bian ji dian) (Tsai 2001)
Respondent: Dr. Shira Schwam-Baird, professor of French

10/18 Seagull Diner (Kamome Shokudo ) (Ogigami 2006)
Respondent: Dr. Jeffrey Smith, English instructor

10/25 Happy Together (Chun gwong cha sit ) (Wong 1997)
Respondent: Dr. Yongan Wu, associate professor of Chinese

11/1 Sans Soleil (Marker 1983)
Respondent: Dr. Sarah Mattice, associate professor of philosophy

11/8 Children of Men (Cuarón 2006)
Respondent: Dr. Samuel Kimball, professor of English

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