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Lecture Series


Intl Studies Senior Seminar Fall 2018 scaled

9/21 Noon-1:15 P.M. Global Health Governance: Ebola and HIV/AIDS Pamela A. Zeiser, associate professor of political science. Building 4/Room 1705


9/28 1:30-2:45 P.M. Life and Death: How Changes in Nutrition Have Affected Global Health and Longevity David T. Courtwright, presidential professor and distinguished professor of history. Building 4/Room 1705

10/5 Noon-1:15 P.M. The Mortality Effects of Public Health Policy: An International Collaboration Sericea Stallings-Smith, assistant professor of public health. Building 4/Room 1705


10/12 Noon-1:15 P.M. The Relics and Remains of the Ancient Paquiméans Gordon Rakita, professor of anthropology and director of academic technology. Building 4/Room 1705


10/19 Noon-2:45 P.M. Señorita María, la falda de la montaña (Miss María, Skirting the Mountain) A film screening and conversation with director Rubén Mendoza, moderated by Constanza López, associate professor of Spanish. Co-sponsored by the LGBT Resource Center, the Latin American and Caribbean Council, the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures, and the Department of English. Building 14A/Room 1314


11/2 Noon-1:15 P.M. The Biology of Aging, and the Potential for Treating Aging as a Disease John Hatle, professor of biology. Building 4/Room 1705


11/16 Noon-3 P.M. Second Annual UNF International Research Symposium Building 4/Room 1705

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