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Lecture Series

 Spring 2019 lecture series poster

Spring 2019: Rediscoveries

1/25 Noon-1:15 PM

(Re) Photographing Italy: Looking Back, Moving Forward

Chris Trice, associate professor of photography. Cosponsored by the UNF Europe Council. Building 4/Room 1705 


2/1 Noon-1:15 PM 
Humanity in Armed Conflict: Understanding the Rules of War
Susan Eccher, military and international services regional manager, American Red Cross North Florida Region. Cosponsored by the UNF Pre-Law Program. Building 4/Room 1705
2/8 Noon-1:15 PM 
The Intercultural Theory of Universal Human Rights
Andrew Buchwalter, presidential professor of philosophy. Building 4/Room 1705
2/15 Noon-1:15 PM 
Stone-Skimming Across Borders
Carolyne Ali-Khan, associate professor of education. Building 4/Room 1705 
2/22 Noon-1:15 PM 
Gulfs Between Us/“Yanga’s Freedom Cry”: Making a Movie about Patriotism and Blackness in Mexico and Bringing It Home
Keith Cartwright, professor and chair, Department of English. Cosponsored by the UNF Latin American and Caribbean Council. Building. 4/Room 1705
3/1 Noon-1:15 PM 
Indigenous Florida: Debunking Myths of Spanish Conquest in our Region
Denise Bossy, associate professor of history. Cosponsored by the UNF Latin American and Caribbean Council. Building 4/Room 1705 
3/8 Noon-1:15 PM 
Cosmology: Useless Knowledge of the Beginning and End of the Universe
Jack Hewitt, assistant professor of physics. Building 4/Room 1705
3/29 Noon-2:45 PM
Digital Humanities and International Studies
A series of two panels presented as part of the inaugural conference of the Florida Digital Humanities Consortium, featuring faculty and students from UNF, the University of Florida, and the University of Central Florida. Building 58W/Room 3703


4/5 Noon-1:15 PM 
Rediscovering Affordable Housing: What Aspen Can Teach Us About Supergentrification and Social Class Interests 
Jenny Stuber, associate professor of sociology. Building 4/Room 1705
4/19 1:00-2:45 PM 
International Studies Senior Seminar Research Exhibit. Building 58W/Rooms 3804-3806


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