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student Alicia Smith in Strasbourg 2018

International Mondays 


International Mondays is a series of informal conversations about the world today, conducted in various languages, with guests from across the UNF campus and the North Florida area. All are welcome, including native/heritage speakers and language learners at all levels. 


The International Studies Program organizes International Mondays in partnership with the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures, the International Business Flagship Program, and the International Center.   


Fall 2019

Monday, 9/30, 1:30–2:45 PM. Cuando las mujeres indígenas hablan, el reino tiembla (When Indigenous women speak, the Kingdom trembles). Dr. Johana Barrero, Spanish instructor. Co–sponsored by the UNF Latin American and Caribbean Council. Building 58W/Room 3805.

Monday, 10/7, 11–11:50 AM. Perspectivas sobre la España de hoy (Perspectives on Spain Today). Dr. Nuria Ibáñez, associate professor of Spanish, and participants in the 2019 Spanish Language and Culture Study Abroad program in Santander. Building 10/Room 2245.

Monday, 10/21, 1:30-2:30 PM. «La culture d’affaires en France et aux Etats-Unis» ("Comparing French and American Business Cultures"). Philippe Singer, Vice-President of Predator Group. Building 10/Room 2245.

Monday, 11/4, 11-11:50 AM. Perspectives sur un séjour linguistique en France (Perspectives on a language study abroad program in France). Dr. Shira Schwam-Baird and participants in the Summer 2019 French Language and Culture Study Abroad Program in Strasbourg. Building 10/Room 2245.

Monday, 11/18, 11–11:50 AM. Man ist, was man isst: Eine kulinarische Reise durch Deutschland und Österreich (You are what you eat: A culinary tour through Germany and Austria). Dr. Tobias Huning, assistant professor of management and chair of the Advisory Council for German/American Exchange. Building 10/Room 2245.


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