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student Alex Fechtel on study abroad trip to Greece

INS DH Symposium 2018 poster scaled v2 - long description below

International Studies/Digital Humanities Symposium


Noon-1:15 PM | Building 58W/Room 3703

Intersections between International Studies and Digital Humanities. A panel discussion featuring Dr. Crystal Andrea Felima, CLIR Postdoctoral Fellow in Caribbean Studies Data Curation, George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida; Dr. Josh Gellers, assistant professor of political science, University of North Florida; Dr. Hélène Huet, European studies librarian, University of Florida/vice–chair, Florida Digital Humanities Consortium; Dr. Barry Mauer, associate professor of English/director, Texts and Technology Ph.D. program, University of Central Florida; and Dr. Tiffany Earley–Spadoni, assistant professor of history, University of Central Florida



1:30-2:45 PM | Building 58W/Rooms 3804-3806

Digital Projects Showcase. An interactive exhibit of projects that are international in nature, or that involve objectives or methodologies of relevance to the field of International Studies.


Building 58W/Room 3804

  1.  Visualizing Refugee Jacksonville. Natalie Holland, UNF international studies major; Sarah Lynch, UNF international studies/Spanish major; Chris Wilson, UNF international studies graduate (2017)
  2.  coloniaLab: Spring 2018 Update on Collaborators and Projects. Ali Alsalman, graduate student, UNF Master of Arts in International Affairs; Kathlina Brady, UNF political science/Spanish major; Sarah Lynch, UNF international studies/Spanish major; Nicole Mills, UNF criminal justice/Spanish major; Teri Pepitone, UNF international studies/Spanish major; Victoria Richter, UNF Spanish major
  3.  Voces y Caras: Hispanic Communities of North Florida. Dr. Constanza López, associate professor of Spanish; Larisa Kupinszky, UNF international studies major; Nicole Mills, UNF criminal justice/Spanish major; Natalia Rivera-Pacheco, UNF international studies major
  4.  Embroidering for Peace and Memory Digital Archive. Dr. Constanza López, UNF associate professor of Spanish; Rebecca Weiner, UNF international studies/philosophy major
  5.  Information Table: Texts and Technology PhD Program, University of Central Florida, Building 58W/Room 3804 
  6. Grenada National Museum’s Amerindian Online Exhibit. Brittany Mistretta, Ph.D. student, University of Florida Anthropology Doctoral Program
  7. Infinite Armenias. Dr. Tiffany Earley–Spadoni, assistant professor of history, University of Central Florida; Travis Corwin, UCF anthropology /history major
  8. Digging into Human Rights Documents. Dr. Karthikeyan Umapathy, UNF associate professor of information systems
  9. UNF Pilgrimage Project. Dr. David Sheffler, associate professor and chair, Department of History; Michael Boyles, coordinator of graphic design, Center for Instruction and Research Technology (CIRT)
  10. Mapping Constitutional Environmental Rights using the Enviro Rights Map. Trevor J. Cheatham, graduate student, UNF Master of Arts in International Affairs
  11. Reviving the Archives: Sharing UNF LGBT Resource Center History. Kaitlin Legg, director of the UNF LGBT Resource Center
  12. Information Table: Center for Instruction and Research Technology (CIRT), University of North Florida, Building 58W/Room 3804
  13. Beyond the Stereotypes: Autism Explained by Individuals with ASD at UNF. Tara Rowe, THRIVE assistant director; Jessica Harden, coordinator of educational media, CIRT; Tyler Charles, UNF psychology graduate (2017)
  14. The Deaf Experience Revealed: Photovoice. Kaitlynn Himmelreich, UNF Deaf education/international studies dual degree student
  15. ster·e·o·type. Ricder Ricardo, UNF art and design major 
  16. Mapping International Metal. Sarah Redlhammer, UNF international studies/vocal performance major
  17. Synthesis. Zachary Mease, UNF interdisciplinary studies major
  18. Editing the Eartha M.M. White Collection: Spring 2018 Update. Susan Williams, UNF history major 
  19. Information Table: Minor in Digital Humanities, University of North Florida

3:00–4:00 PM | Online Learning Laboratory, Building 10/Room 1102
Opportunities for statewide collaboration on Digital Humanities endeavors. An open conversation about future possibilities.



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For complete visitor parking information, see the UNF Parking Services website. Basically, you can park in any space in a Blue or Gray surface lot or on the 2nd, 3rd or 4th floors of either the Arena or Fine Arts Center parking garages. Park nose-in and make a record of your license plate number. Then go to the nearest kiosk and pay the $5 daily parking fee. (A $2 daily permit also exists, but only allows you to park in the gray surface lots.) The Student Union is adjacent to the Arena Parking Garage, and on a Friday, there should be plenty of space, so we would recommend you park on the 2nd, 3rd or 4th floor of that structure.


For more information, contact Dr. Clayton McCarl.


This event is cosponsored by the UNF International Studies Program, the UNF Digital Humanities Initiative (DHI), and the UNF Center for Instruction and Research Technology (CIRT). Our thanks to Michael Boyles of CIRT for designing our poster, and to Jess Harden of CIRT for logistical support and advice. Julia Rivera-Whalen, HASTAC Scholar and UNF anthropology/international studies major, has assisted in the organization of this event.