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Graduate School


Diverse Directions 

Recent alumni have entered graduate programs in the following fields, among others:

  • Teaching of English as a Second Language (Allison Crolla, American University), 
  • Hispanic Linguistics (Buddy Delegal, University of Florida), 
  • Hispanic Literature (Sonia San Juan, University of Florida), 
  • International Affairs (Jack Bisase, American University; Katelyn Morris, American University of Paris; Kat Gramm-Zlotnik, University of Pittsburgh; Alina Donets, UNF), 
  • Latin American Studies (Jimmy Everett, University of Florida), 
  • International Education Policy and Management (Alexandra Foust, Vanderbilt University), 
  • Public Administration (Galo Reyes, UNF), 
  • Public Health (Judy Kimani, UNF) and 
  • Social Work (Sarah Rosen, Columbia University). 

Exploring Your Options  

Graduate Programs at UNF  

UNF offers a variety of graduate programs that may be of interest to those in the International Studies major. These include, but are not limited to, the following: 

For more information on any of these programs, please contact Leah Carpenter, coordinator of outreach and recruitment. 


Graduate work at UNF may cost less than you think. Visit the Tuition and Fees website.  

 Graduate Programs Elsewhere in Florida 

The International Studies Program maintains a list of relevant graduate programs at institutions in the Florida State University System. This resource is designed to help students explore possible graduate school and professional directions, and understand the admissions criteria for graduate programs in their fields of interest.    


The  COAS Career Success Center can assist students in searching for graduate programs that match their interests. For more information, contact  Vivian Senior, associate director.  
Two useful resources for conducting research on your own are and Peterson's
Career Services organizes graduate school and professional fairs that provide an opportunity to talk with representatives from various universities. See their calendar for more information.   


Applying to Graduate School 

The COAS Career Success Center provides assistance in applying to graduate programs. For more information, contact Vivian Senior, associate director.  


Leah Carpenter, coordinator of outreach and recruitment for the UNF Graduate School is also available to provide general guidance to International Studies students regarding the graduate school application process, whether they are applying to programs at UNF or at other institutions.    


If you intend to begin graduate studies the fall after you finish your undergraduate degree, keep in mind the following timeline:


  • Junior year: begin researching
  • Summer before senior year: schedule campus visits
  • August of senior year: take the GRE/GMAT
  • September of senior year: register for another GRE/GMAT if necessary 
  • October of senior year: request transcripts, and make contact with those writing recommendation letter 
  • November of senior year: proofread your personal statement, and make sure all scores have been sent to the school 
  • December of senior year: complete and submit all applications and keep an accurate record 


Be aware that financial awards such as teaching and research assistanceships are in many cases only available to students applying during the regular admissions cycle (to begin during a fall semester).  

The UNF Pre-Law Program can provide advice regarding the LSAT and the law school application process. Contact Adrienne Lerner, director.