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student Alex Fechtel on study abroad trip to Greece

Foreign Language Study

Students majoring in International Studies must successfully complete foreign language coursework through the intermediate level or demonstrate equivalent proficiency (for details, see Foreign Language Requirement). Students should begin working as early as possible toward the completion of this requirement.

Placement and Retroactive Credit in Chinese, Spanish and French

Those with previous experience in Chinese, French or Spanish may be able to skip coursework, and optionally receive credit for some of the courses bypassed, by placing at a higher level. For details, see the Policy on Placement and Retroactive Credit.

To take the free online placement test in French or Spanish, contact the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures. If you have studied Chinese in the past, please contact Professor Yongan Wu.

Foreign Language Study Abroad

The Department of Language, Literatures and Cultures offers language and culture immersion programs in China, Colombia, France and Spain. For more information, contact the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures  

UNF also offers exchange programs at universities around the world through which students can potentially do language coursework, or upper-level content-area coursework taught in languages other than English. For more information, consult with a study abroad coordinator in the International Center.

Students who intend to do foreign language coursework abroad, or to take literature or culture courses that they would like to apply to UNF programs of study in foreign languages (the minor in Chinese, French or Spanish, or the majors in French Studies and Spanish) or International Studies must consult with Dr. Patricia Geesey, chair of Languages, Literatures and Cultures, prior to making such arrangements. The only exception to this would be for those participating in the programs led by faculty from Languages, Literatures and Cultures, mentioned above, who will work directly with the respective faculty leader.

Students seeking to receive academic credit at UNF for language study completed abroad should be aware that such credit can only be earned through coursework undertaken at (or through) universities or other institutions of higher learning, in the US or abroad, that can provide an academic transcript. Credit cannot be awarded for courses taken at language schools or academies, including those run by governmental entities.

Students should be aware that when pursuing language study at many non-UNF programs abroad, they will be asked to take a placement test upon arrival. If a student places at a lower level than they anticipated, they may be placed into courses that do not match those mapped out prior to departure on the concurrent enrollment/use of credits form. This may, in turn, impact how courses are brought back as transfer credits and counted (or not counted) toward requirements for major or minor programs of study at UNF. If that coursework is in a language other than Chinese, French or Spanish, additional considerations apply, as explained in the section Studying Languages Other than Chinese, French and Spanish below.

Minoring/Double Majoring in a Foreign Language

Minors in ChineseFrench and Spanish at UNF require only three upper-level courses after Intermediate II. Any student (including native/heritage speakers) who places at the 3000-level can complete the minor in the respective language by passing just three 3000/4000-level courses and requesting retroactive credit for the intermediate level.

Those minoring in Chinese, French or Spanish (or double-majoring in International Studies and either Spanish or French Studies) can potentially double-count up to four upper-level courses (12 credit hours) toward the completion of that minor/major and the major in International Studies.

Courses Designed Specifically for Native/Heritage Speakers of Spanish 

Native/heritage speakers of Spanish should consider the following courses, which address linguistic and cultural topics of interest to Hispanics in the United States: 



Either can count as a valid elective for International Studies. For more information, contact Constanza L√≥pez, associate professor of Spanish. 

Studying Languages Other than Chinese, French and Spanish 

The Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures has degree programs and full-time faculty in Chinese, French and Spanish. Those languages are therefore taught consistently through the intermediate level at UNF. Students who desire to pursue coursework in a language besides Chinese, French or Spanish must first meet with Dr. Patricia Geesey, the chair of Languages, Literatures and Cultures, for guidance and approval. Such a student must also complete and submit the document titled "Request for Permission to Fulfill International Studies Language Requirement with a Language Other than Chinese, French or Spanish" found on the Forms page in the Canvas Site of the International Studies Program prior to beginning such language study. This process is designed to protect students from the potential financial consequences and logistical difficulties of attempting to meet the language requirement by studying a language not consistently taught through the intermediate level at UNF.

Although German may be offered at the beginning and intermediate level at UNF, students seeking to study German must also fill out this request. This is because UNF does not offer any degree programs in German or have any full-time permanent faculty in German, and the teaching of that language on campus is therefore contingent. The International Business Flagship Program offers a study abroad program in Bad Mergentheim, Germany, through which students can potentially earn credit for Beginning German II, Intermediate German I and Intermediate German II. For more information, contact Alyssa Kyff in the office of Coggin Study Abroad. A student participating in that program would still be required to complete the "Request for Permission to Fulfill International Studies Language Requirement with a Language Other than Chinese, French or Spanish" form mentioned above.

For further assistance, contact Patricia Geesey, chair, Languages, Literatures and Cultures, and professor of French; Clayton McCarl, associate professor of Spanish; or Yongan Wu, associate professor of Chinese.