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student Alicia Smith in Strasbourg 2018

Financial Aid and Study Abroad

If you are planning a study abroad experience, you are strongly encouraged to call or email One-Stop Student Services to make an appointment to meet with the Office of Student Financial Aid to discuss how your plans may impact your financial aid situation, particularly with regard to Cost of Attendance limitations and minimum credit-hour enrollment requirements. This is especially important if you plan on applying for, or have been awarded, any study abroad scholarships, or if your program is receiving Transformational Learning Opportunity (TLO) funds, which are paid out through the accounts of participating students as financial aid, and are thus subject to Cost of Attendance limitations, as well as possibly other restrictions.


Be prepared to explain at this meeting the specifics of your trip, including start and end dates, the number of credit hours in which you'll be enrolling, the type of experience (UNF faculty-led, UNF exchange, third-party provider or direct enrollment at a foreign institution) and the dollar amounts of any sizable expenses involved, including, most importantly, the cost of your airfare. If you are participating in a faculty-led trip for which airfare or other large expenses are included in the program fee, you may need to consult with your faculty leader to determine those amounts before meeting with the Office of Financial Aid.


Please realize that financial aid calculations are based on a variety of factors that will differ between any two given students, and it is critical that you personally review your own circumstances in consultation with the Office of Financial Aid.


Dr. Clayton McCarl, director of the International Studies Program, cannot provide assistance on specific matters related to the financial aid situation of individual students, but he is available to provide general guidance as needed.


The advice on this page was developed specifically for students in the International Studies Program by Dr. Clayton McCarl, director of that program, based on conversations with the UNF International Center, the Office of Financial Aid, and others. Last modified 4/3/19.