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student Alicia Smith in Strasbourg 2018

Directed Independent Studies

Most of the disciplinary areas that contribute to International Studies have Directed Independent Studies (DIS) courses in the catalog. Students who complete such courses, supervised by faculty in those areas, can, at the discretion of the director of the International Studies Program, count their DIS as an elective for the International Studies major. All arrangements regarding the content and expectations involved in such experiences will be arranged directly between the student and the faculty member in question. The director of International Studies generally does not coordinate such matters.

The International Studies Program also has its own DIS course: INS4905 Directed Independent Study. Students will only be allowed to use this course code when all the following conditions are met: 

  • The student must secure a faculty member (other than the director of the International Studies Program) to supervise their research. The director of International Studies would only serve as instructor of record when the content of a directed independent study related to the director's own research.
  • The faculty member must indicate in writing (email is fine) their willingness to serve as the instructor of record for INS4905.
  • The student must complete a proposal that conforms to the expectations of both the faculty member and the director of International Studies. Unless Dr. McCarl, the faculty member, and the student come to an agreement otherwise, the default proposal form will be the research grant application used by the UNF Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR). A student pursuing a DIS is not required to actually submit the grant application to OUR, but is encouraged to do so.   
  • All arrangements related to the DIS must be made prior to the end of the spring semester (for summer and fall DIS courses) or the fall semester (for spring DIS courses).