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Advising Contacts for Students in International Studies

International Studies Program Office

Program Director Clayton McCarl is available to assist all current and prospective International Studies students with advising needs in all areas.

Academic Advising

Freshmen who are majoring in International Studies should contact their assigned advisor in the Academic Center for Excellence (for help in identifying your ACE advisor, send a message to the general ACE email address).

Those at the sophomore level and above should consult with David Kersey in College of Arts and Sciences Academic Advising.

Your academic advisor can assist you with topics including selecting courses, investigating possibilities for double-majors and dual degrees, selecting a minor, among other topics.

COAS Career Success Center

The COAS Career Success Center is the primary entity on campus that helps students with matters related to career directions and employment opportunities, as well as graduate school.

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International Center

The International Center is the foremost resource on campus for all matters related to study abroad.

Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures

Those needing assistance with foreign language study should contact Patricia Geesey, chair, Languages, Literatures and Cultures, and professor of French; Clayton McCarl, associate professor of Spanish; or Yongan Wu, associate professor of Chinese.

Faculty/Staff Advisory Committee

The professors who serve on the International Studies Faculty/Staff Advisory Committee (see People) are available to provide discipline-specific advice to International Studies students on topics including courses, majors and minors, graduate school and other topics.

Alumni Council

These International Studies Program alumni (see People) can provide career guidance related to their respective fields. Other alumni who have been featured in Student/Alumni News may also be available to speak with you about their experiences. For assistance in contacting these individuals, contact Clayton McCarl, program director.

Graduate Program Liaisons

These currently enrolled graduate students or recent graduate alumni (see People) can advise International Studies students about various graduate-level programs at UNF that may be of interest to them. For assistance in contacting these individuals, contact Clayton McCarl, program director.