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Past to Present Seminar:  Postponed to Fall

The Zooarchaeology of Pigs and Power at Mycenae, Greece

Dr. Jacqueline Meier

UNF Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work

Zooarchaeology of Pigs and Power

In the Late Bronze Age of Greece, multiple economic systems entwined palatial and non-palatial settlements and institutions of the Mycenaean world. This presentation will discuss the new zooarchaeological findings on household subsistence practices at Mycenae, and focus on the recent analysis of a well-preserved assemblage of animal remains from Petsas House, a multi-function structure located outside of the walls of the elite, hilltop citadel. Interestingly, the new findings on pigs from a rare domestic context expand the current picture of the animal economy across a broader cross-section of early state-level society.


Postponed until fall

Building 9, Room 2401

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