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How to apply for a Florida Blue Ethics Center Scholarship

Established in 2002, the Florida Blue Center for Ethics Scholarship is to provide scholarship funding for University of North Florida students to participate in University-approved transformational learning experiences focusing on ethical issues as they emerge in personal, public, and professional life. These experiences can include working on an undergraduate research project; traveling to present research or compete in conferences regionally and internationally, participating in an ethics focused internship, and/or other faculty-approved activities.

Step 1: Go to UNF Foundation Scholarships and complete the data sharing consent form.

Step 2: Visit UNF Academic Works page for the FL Blue Ethics Center Scholarship.

Step 3: Sign in and complete the application.

It is important to note that student information is not immediately updated in the system once the data consent form is complete. Students will have access to AcademicWorks, but all eligible scholarships will not appear until the following day. You may be matched to additional scholarships. For questions regarding Foundation Scholarships or AcademicWorks, contact Foundation Scholarships.