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Fellows of the Florida Blue Center for Ethics

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Sarah Vincent, 2016-2017

Specialties: Applied Ethics, Philosophy of Psychology

Aaron Creller, 2015-2016

Specialties: Epistemology, Asian and Comparative Philosophy, Hermeneutics 


Nicholas de Villiers

Associate Professor of English and Film

Specialties: Film Theory, Gender Studies, Philosophy, Queer Theory, Autobiography

Jonathan Matheson

Associate Professor of Philosophy
Specialties: Epistemology, Ethics, Philosophy of Religion 


Julie Ingersoll

Associate Professor of Religious Studies
Religious Studies Program Coordinator

Specialties: Religion and Ethics 

A. David Kline

Emeritus Professor of Philosophy

Ethics Center Founding Director
Specialties: Educational Ethics, Bioethics

Hans-Herbert Koegler

Philosophy Department Chair
Professor of Philosophy
Specialties: Multicultural Education, Globalization

Sarah Mattice

Professor of Philosophy

Philosophy Graduate Studies Coordinator

Specialties: Ethics East and West

Oscar Patterson III

Professor of Communications
Specialties: Communications Ethics

Carolyn B. Stone

Professor of Education
Specialties: Educational Ethics