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About the Florida Blue Center for Ethics


Located within the Department of Philosophy of UNF's College of Arts and Sciences (COAS), the Center draws on the expertise of scholars in the Philosophy Department, other COAS departments, and UNF's professional colleges: Health, Business Administration, Education and Human Services, and Computing Sciences and Engineering.

The Center also partners with organizations throughout the region to deliver programs consistent with its mission.


Education. The Center assists UNF students preparing for professional careers in law, health care, business, education, engineering and government, providing them with informed and useful perspectives on ethical issues that they will confront during their careers.

Service. The Center offers training and consultation for local and regioal professionals and public officials, providing tools with which to make informed ethical choices and decisions.

Research. The Center fosters scholarly research in the area of applied ethics with an emphasis on the ethical challenges and dilemmas commonly confronted by professionals and policy makers.

Public Outreach. The Center supports and promotes the existence of a regional public sphere in which academics, policymakers, professionals, and community members can regularly deliberate on the pressing ethical questions that we increasingly confront as individuals, professionals, citizens and members of a global community.