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Writing Intensive Orientation Session (WIOS)

What is WIOS?

WIOS is a five-day writing intensive workshop designed to prepare incoming first-year students for the rigors of college-level writing at UNF. WIOS will meet in the Writing Center in 2022. 

During WIOS, the faculty of the UNF Writing Program introduces students to the writing challenges they will face throughout their college years. Students will learn strategies for excelling in the first-year writing sequence (ENC 1101 and 1143), consider the unique demands of 2000-level disciplinary writing, and explore the types of public writing specific to their chosen professions. Students will also learn active reading and research strategies and produce polished public writing.

UNF takes writing seriously

  • All students must take ENC 1143 and earn a C or better in order to meet the Gordon Rule requirement
  • Students who bypass 1101 by virtue of AP exams must still take ENC 1143
  • Many entry-level prerequisite courses for major programs of study have Gordon Rule writing components
  • Most core program-of-study courses have regular written assignments that make up a large portion of the course grade
WIOS addresses all of the core writing skills required in these courses. 

Why should I attend WIOS?

Most high school students, even those who have participated in AP and IB courses, find themselves unequal to the demands of their first-year writing courses. As a result, many first-year students find themselves repeating ENC 1101 or  ENC 1143, which increases the time it takes to graduate and increases their tuition costs. Additionally, students with poor writing skills earn significantly lower grades in their general education courses and the courses required for their programs of study.

Students attending WOIS will

  • Hone core writing skills in a condensed, week-long workshop
  • Learn close reading strategies practiced in first year ENC courses
  • Increase their chances of success in required writing courses*
  • Increase their chances of success on writing assignments in other general and major-specific courses
  • Make connections with tutors and professors who will be present to support them throughout their time at UNF 
  • Make friends and get to know their campus before Fall term begins
  • Receive a UNF t-shirt and other swag to show their UNF spirit

*UNF requires all students to take ENC 1143, regardless of the AP credit they bring from high school. Students without AP credit must take ENC 1101 and ENC 1143.

WIOS is worth the cost

Students pay a relatively small fee that covers student materials and operating costs. The fee for WIOS is negligible when compared to the costs associated with repeating required writing courses or receiving poor grades in General Education and/or program of study courses.

Students may apply for financial assistance via the application. Limited scholarships are available.  


Aug. 10 - Aug. 14 


Course fee – $250 


Wednesday, August 10 - Saturday, August 13
9 - 10: Continental Breakfast
10 – 12: Morning Sessions
12 – 2: Lunch break & Instagram Challenges
2 – 3 pm: Afternoon Session
3 – 4 pm: Graduate Assistant Session
Sunday, August 14
9 - 10: Catered Breakfast
10 am – 12 pm: Morning Session and presentations
12 pm: Superlatives
12:30: Dismissal

General Frequently Asked Questions

Housing for WIOS


This year's WIOS cohort has the opportunity to move directly into OSPREY CROSSINGS and remain there through the school year. All students who wish to stay in campus housing during WIOS MUST HAVE a contract with housing for Osprey Crossings for the academic school year. Housing is unable to accommodate students contracted to live in any other location.  

Students who already have arrangements with UNF housing for a fall assignment may sign up to move in to housing for the duration of WIOS: Aug. 7 – 12 (5 nights).

Total cost August 7 – 12 is $125

Students then have the option to remain in their housing assignment during between WIOS and the official move-in day (2 nights), Aug. 12 - 16 stay until Aug. 16.

Students must pay an additional $50 for this option.
Total cost for August 7 – 16: $175


Housing cannot accommodate any requests after this date. 

Additional Information

All housing fees will be added to your UNF account and handled through housing. If you wish to take advantage of this option, indicate so on your WIOS application and verify your housing request with Dr. Kadesh Lauridsen once your application has been accepted.

Locate housing contracts, resident hall information, and other details at the main housing site:

Please direct housing questions to Amy Lorenz in housing:

WIOS Housing Frequently Asked Questions

Housing and Residence Life is pleased to provide housing in OSPREY CROSSINGS for students participating in WIOS. The following list of housing Frequently Asked Questions has been compiled to assist you in planning your arrival to campus.