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Meet Our Writing 
Program & Center Team


Picture of Dr. Linda Howell, Director

Linda Howell | Director, Writing Program & Center
Assistant Professor, Department of English | 904.620.1259
Linda is a native New Yorker who has adopted Florida as her home for many years now. When she is not directing the program and center, she teaches and researches writing pedagogy, first year writing, and fan and media studies. Her area of research is plagiarism and digital literacies. On her down time, she likes to watch food competition shows, movies, and produce fan fiction and fan videos. She is the momma to two beautiful orange tabbies, Sam and Dean. And yes, those names are inspired by Supernatural
Picture of David MacKinnon, Assistant Director
David MacKinnon | Assistant Director, Writing Program & Center
Instructor, Department of English
David is foremost a husband and father. Having earned his B.A. (2005) and M.A. (2008) in English at UNF, he is currently completing his doctorate in educational leadership as he studies the roles of professional development in faculty job satisfaction and teaching self-efficacy. When he is not in the classroom or the writing center, he and his family are exploring the world.

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