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Faculty Support


While the UNF Writing Center often serves as a place for students to visit to work on writing with a peer tutor or attend a workshop, the UNF Writing Program & Center is also a resource for our university faculty. Below, you'll find a brief list of the kinds of support we can offer, but we're always happy to meet to discuss how we can grow the ways in which we support the university community:

  • In-class presentations on the student-specific features of the writing center
  • Develop and offer targeted and topical workshops for specific courses
  • Meeting with faculty to design writing diagnostics and writing referral programs
  • Assisting faculty to develop writing assignments and assessments
  • Developing Canvas-housed writing support materials for your students


Faculty Liaison by College

Have a question about how the writing program and center can help? Please reach out to our faculty to coordintae next steps:


Brooks College of Health: Jennie Ziegler
Coggin College of Business: Ashley Faulkner
College of Arts & Sciences: Will Pewitt
College of Computing, Engineering & Construction: Mikayla Beaudrie
College of Education & Human Services: David MacKinnon


Scheduling a Workshop

We have many prepared workshops that our faculty and graduate assistants are able to facilitate in and for your classes. We can also develop workshops for you based on conversations with you about your specific course and student needs. We generally ask for at least two weeks' lead time to ensure we can offer the workshop for dates and times you request.


Click here to submit a workshop request