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Blacklit Garden Elementary class photo with students and teacher.

Writing Studies

The purpose of the department’s new Writing Studies Minor (new as of fall 2011) is to provide students with a focused program of study that is a useful complement to any major and that will enhance their employment prospects.

The Writing Studies Minor will provide students with the opportunity to develop and practice advanced writing skills in a variety of contexts, over several semesters; the competencies needed to be effective, confident, and versatile when facing writing challenges in the workplace; and an understanding of the theoretical and historical foundations of written and digital communication. The Writing Studies minor is designed to accommodate students with a wide variety of writing interests, disciplinary majors, and professional goals.

Surveys of business leaders indicate that as many as 85% or more employers are not looking to hire someone who has majored in a particular field. They are looking for smart, well-educated individuals who have 21st-century skills, including (i) the ability to present information well orally and in writing, (ii) the ability to support a claim with pertinent evidence, (iii) the ability to approach problems systematically, (iv) training in analyzing the component features of problems quickly and accurately, (v) and the capacity to reach smart conclusions that give themselves and others a solid basis for making a decision and taking action. The Writing Studies Minor provides students with opportunities to develop these skills.

There will always be employment opportunities for people with strong analytic and writing skills. The market (local, national, and global) needs people who can read critically, analyze quickly and accurately, translate their ideas in ways others can readily grasp, and write clearly and persuasively. The Small Business Administration has long recognized that the key factor in business success is communication skill, and that the major sub-factor is being able to write well. Communication and writing abilities are, in a world, foundational for someone who wants to thrive in an information and communication-based economy.

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