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Professor Kieth and Student Paige preparing for graduation.

The Amy Wainright Award for Poetry

All subjects and styles are acceptable. 

Submission Guidelines

  • Your manuscript may include between one and three poems but must total no more than five pages. If your manuscript includes more than one poem, title each separately and clearly.
  • You may submit only one manuscript in this category. 
  • Poems must be typed, single- or double-spaced, using Ariel 12 pt font, and including page numbers, unless a compelling reason necessitates different formatting. Submit as .Doc, .Docx, PDF, or .RTF document.
  • If a poem runs longer than one page, page headings should indicate the fact in the upper right hand corner, for example, “Apples” continued, 2 of 3.
  • Your name must not appear on the manuscript.