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Please check back here at the start of the fall term to see our fall calendar of workshops.  

During each semester, the Writing Center offers a variety of writing workshops for students, faculty, and staff. Below, you can find a list of upcoming workshops. Faculty who'd like to discuss creating a workshop for their students/program can contact David MacKinnon.



Workshop Topic
The Nuts and Bolts of Plain Style Writing        October 26   1:00p
Grand Opening - Mini Workshops**   October 30   11:00a-1:00p
Grand Opening - Mini Workshops**   October 31   11:00a-2:00p
Evidence Integration in Non-Scientific Writing   November 1   10:00a
Document Coherence: Making the Pieces Fit Together   November 8      10:00a
Document Coherence: Making the Pieces Fit Together   November 9   1:00p
From Summary to Synthesis        November 15   10:00a


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**Writing Center Open House: Journey into the Writing Zone

The Writing Center invites the university community to stop by and visit our new space in Building 4, Room 2501, for an open house on Monday, October 30, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., and on Tuesday, October 31, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.


For Students
on Monday and Tuesday, there will be sweets and treats, a photo op to post on Instagram to be eligible for a prize, and mini-workshops for students!


For Faculty, Staff, and Administrators
On Tuesday, our Writing Center staff will be on hand to give special tours, explain the resources we can provide to all faculty and students, and answer specific questions about the center.

Workshop Descriptions:

Plain English Style & Grammar

This workshop covers the common features of Plain English Style, including tips on constructing subject-verb-object sentence order   and moving passive voice to active voice. The workshop will include a discussion of using effective subordination/coordination and       transitions. We Will also have a quick review of common grammatical errors.


Academic Writing and Tone

This workshop explains how to create a professional tone in your college assignments. We will discuss key points about understanding the required format of the work and how to maintain a professional tone through word choice and diction.


Drafting and Revising for Rhetorical Coherence: Beginning and Ending

This workshop covers drafting and revising for coherence between paragraphs, and links to topic sentences, itinerary statements         and conclusions.



This workshop examines types of evidence, how to find resources to use in research papers, and how to assess the quality and           usefulness of the resource.



This workshop recaps briefly information from the Evidence workshop, then moves to discuss analyzing evidence and integrating it     into a paper to achieve synthesis.


Previous Workshops (Recorded):

You can visit our YouTube channel to see our workshops from the spring 2016 semester so far.



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