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About Us


The UNF Writing Center is staffed by an array of students, staff, and faculty.


Linda Howell, Director, Writing Program

David MacKinnon, Assistant Director, Writing Program

Jennie Ziegler, Instructor

Kadesh Lauridsen, Instructor

Tara Kelley, Instructor, First-year Program Contact
Mikayla Beaudrie, Instructor

Ash Faulkner, Instructor

Michele Boyette, Instructional Support Coordinator

Melinda Rojas, Instructional Support Coordinator

Holly Seaver, Office Assitant


Graduate Assistants

Paige Perez

Kayla Hilliar

Danielle Stedham

Dominic Robin

Taylor Hughes

Peer Tutors

Michael Anderson

Kara Barker

Morgan DeLisle
Courtney Gillett

Blake Guthrie
Jesse Kirk

Nina Lee

Joseph Lusi

Simon Manses

Melissa Messenger

Elizabeth O'Malley

Monica Viggiano

Ben Vollmer






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Building 4 / Room 2501

Phone: 904-620-5394