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students at a study abroad at stone henge.

Department of English Graduate Alumni

Class of 2020

Gengler, Nicole, Communications Coordinator, UNF Lend-A-Wing Pantry

Roberts, Hannah, doctoral student, University of North Carolina, Greensboro

Souter, Burgandy, English Language Arts Teacher, A. Philip Randolph Career Academies

Viggiano, Monica, adjunct, UNF Writing Center; FSCJ Writing tutor

Class of 2019

Burnsed, Bradley, Team Specialist, Whole Foods

Cohen, Max. English Adjunct, University of North Florida

Daehne, Drew. English Language Arts Teacher (Dual Enrollment), Fleming High School, Clay County

Minahan, John, Consultant, U.S. Navy Systems Planning and Analysis

Perez, Paige, Visiting Assistant Instructor, UNF Writing Center, Department of English

Seaver, Holly, English Language Arts Teacher, Duval County

Sheffler, Laura, English Language Arts Teacher, Clay County

Slonina, Katelyn, Analyst, Ernst and Young

Class of 2018

Aguilar, Michael, Adviser, Miami-Dade College, Miami

Barnard, J. Scott, Event Support Specialist, Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville

Colson, Kalynda, Language Arts Teacher (Honors, Dual Enrollment), Westside High School, Duval County Public Schools

Couch, James A, Parking Services Technician, UNF Parking Services and Transportation

Evans, Jason, Language Arts Teacher, Andrew Jackson High School, Duval County Public Schools

Galang, Kira, Program Coordinator at UNF Parking and Transportation Services

Gaynon, Aisha, Secondary English Language Arts Specialist, Duval County Public Schools

Guthrie, Blake, Language Arts Teacher, Sandalwood, Duval County Public Schools

Hilliar, Kayla, Project and Communication Manager, Accordant Philanthropy

Hyams, Jennifer, Happy mom!

Pickrell, Kristen, UNF Department of English Office Manager

Robin, Dominic, English Language Arts Teacher, Prescott School, Arequipa, Peru

Yant-Morris, Shelby Keel, Language Arts Teacher, Nassau County School District

Zemanek, Colleen, Language Arts Teacher, Pedro Menendez High School, St. Augustine

Class of 2017

Bartlett, Anna, English Adjunct and ESL instructor, UNF, FSCJ

Bell, Ryan, Ph.D. candidate in poetry and poetics, State University of New York, Buffalo

Hatcher, Bailey, New Student Orientation Coordinator, UNF

Hawthorne, Chelsea, Ph.D. candidate in literature, University of South Carolina, Columbia

Hughes, Taylor, Adjunct instructor, UNF

Hull, Lena, Vystar Credit Union employee, adjunct instructor, UNF

McRee, Maegan, English Language Arts Teacher, Lakeside Junior High School, Orange Park

Meisburg, Lisa, English Language Arts Teacher, Stanton Preparatory School, Jacksonville

Rice, (Michael) Dean, Software Engineering Graduate Student, UNF

Rogers, Nicole, Free-lance writer

Tartler, Kate. Proud mom!

Tarczynski, Tiffany, Language Arts Teacher, Duval County Public Schools, Jacksonville

Thompson, Conner, Language Arts Teacher, Atlantic Coast High School, adjunct English instructor, FSCJ

Wheeler, Ellen, Ph.D. in Educational Leadership, UNF

Class of 2016

Belloni, Lauren, Adjunct Instructor, St. John's State College, Sante Fe State College,

Bowler, Ingrid Greene, Language Arts Teacher, Fletcher Middle School, Jacksonville Beach

Broadfoot, Annette (Meme), Language Arts Teacher (dual enrollment), Ed White High School, Jacksonville

Giles, Billie Jo, Assistant Professor, Pikes Peak Community College, Colorado

Graves, Kristeen, Senior Technical Editor, U.S. Department of Energy, Waste Isolation Pilot Plant, New Mexico

Hyer, Kylie Jean, Language Arts Teacher, Baker County Middle School

Kelco, Valerie, Ph.D. candidate in literature, University of North Carolina, Greensborough

Martin, Kelly. Ph.D. candidate in literature, University of Florida, Gainesville

Methe, Bradley, Clarke County School District, Athens, Georgia

Rogers, Nicole, Freelancer, Wisconsin State Journal

Class of 2015

Baird, Bethany, First Lead, Academic Director, Southeastern University, Jacksonville

Benyacko, Scott, High School Teacher, English Chair, St. Augustine High School, Adjunct English Instructor, Flagler

Cherry (Amos), Kim, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, New York

Delaney, William, Assistant Director of Creative Services at University of North Florida, UNF; website creator, co-owner and writer, The Jaxon

Dugan, Brian, English teacher, Grauer School, Encinitas, California

Fauss, Kyle, English high school teacher

Fuller, Misty Dawn Fuller, Ph.D. candidate in composition and rhetoric, Louisiana State University

Hutchinson, April, English teacher, Duval County Public Schools

Mackey, William, Dual Enrollment high School teacher, Clay High School

(accepted for doctoral programs in literature at Florida State University and University of Alabama)

Milligan, Caleb, English teacher, Bradford High School.

Musil, Sarah Stuckey, Final Review Quality Control Editor at The Data Council

Nickless, Darby Lee, Masters in Fine Arts candidate, New School, New York

Stanton, Ihla Ruth, English high school teacher, Gainesville, FL

Torrence, Tiffany, Vice President of Ace Air Conditioning and Appliance

Class of 2014

Campbell, Shanee, Quality Control Manager, Editor,

Chamberlain, Cory, Ph.D. candidate, Composition and Rhetoric, University of New Hampshire

Cowper, Nathaniel, copyeditor,

Eggen, Kristen, Media Consultant, Times-Union Media

Grindstaff-Swathwood, Jillian, Project Manager, Fidelity National Financial

Hambleton, Meghan Garcia, English teacher, Kolbe Academy, California

Head, Lindsey, Instructor, Florida International University

Holland, Katie, manager, grant writer,Florida Certified Organic Growers and Consumers, Inc,

Kavanaugh, Nan, Director of Marketing and Communications, Museum of Contemporary Art, Jacksonville

Knapp, Andrew, copyeditor,

Peterson, William, Jacksonville Specialty Advertising, Inc.

Podelis, Karla Jean, Freelance Contractor, Media and Web Services

Rieley, Karen, Writing, Marketing and Public Relations, Keystone Behavioral Pediatrics

Riaz, Sana, Ph.D. candidate in English, University of York, England

Stewart, Margaret, Marketing Communications Manager, McKesson Medical-Surgical

Vigliotti, Jeanette, Ph.D. candidate in Media, Art and Text, Virginia Commonwealth University

Webb, Melanie Manuel, creative writer, adult educator (GED, food stamp programs, Milwaukee)

Wilson, Meredith, Assessment Specialist, Vancouver Public Schools, Portland, Oregon

Williams, Joel, Quality Enhancement Plan Director\Writing Program Administrator, Edward Waters College

Woodard, Jacquellyn, Quality Control Editor,

Class of 2013

Dervishi (Hawkins), Marsela, doctoral student in Texts and Technology, UCF, Orlando

Flow, Heather, Language Arts Teacher, Duval County Public Schools

Fifield, Kimberly, Language Arts Teacher, Duval County Public Schools

French, Brandy, Teacher, St. Paul's Catholic School, Jacksonville

McElroy, Jacob, Adjunct English Instructor, UNF

Mercer, Renee, adjunct English instructor, UNF, FSCJ

Pontarelli, Jamie, self-employed, copyeditor, writer, website contract specialist

Stephenson, Noreen, Educational Coordinator, Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville

Triolo, Jessica, Project Coordinator & Marketing Assistant, Aerospace & Defense at RS&H

Yost, Tim, English teacher, Duval County Public Schools

Young, Tiffany, Educational Specialist

Class of 2012

Griffith, Kimberly Rose, XOXO Customer Success Administrator, Ceridian, Tampa

Hasden, Kelsi, Technical Writer, PAX Technologies

Knickerbocker, Timothy, Adjunct Instructor, Tallahassee Community College

Kovalcik, Amy Katherine, English Teacher, Douglas Anderson School for the Arts

Lafond, Whitney S, Department Chair, Communications, FSCJ

Markle, Bradley Allen, Adjunct Instructor, Everest University, South Orlando

Michael, Emily, Adjunct English Instructor, UNF, Writer

Paxton, Andrea, Public Relations Communications Specialist at St. John & Partners, Atlantic Beach

Sowers, William Tyler, English instructor, FSCJ

Class of 2011

Beyerly, Suzanne, English Teacher, Shanghai Community International School, Neptune Beach

Morgan, Jody, College of Arts and Sciences Academic Advisor, Adjunct English Instructor, UNF

Peter, Elizabeth Silkebaken, Program Specialist/Environmental Education Coordinator/English instructor, UNF

Roarty, James, Administrative Secretary, Adjunct English Instructor, Department of English, UNF

Thurne, Christopher James, Adjunct English Instructor, UNF

Tremblay, Zachary, Teacher, Grace Christian Academy, Milwaukee, WI

Class of 2009

Roberts, Jennifer, Ph.D. candidate in composition and rhetoric, University of Arizona