Why Major in English?

Stephanie Brendle
English Major /
President of S.P.I.T.S. (Spoken Poets Integrating Theatrical Style)

Faculty - Stephanie BrendleWhile Faulkner, Shakespeare, Twain, and other greats provide wonderful stories, it is the way they tell them which is the most revealing. They each respectively represent a mindset of an era. Writing, and the study of writing, is tied to history, science, economics, art, psychology, and culture. Ponder it. 

Words are the seeds which set every standard. When most people go home, their eager fingers tap out woes unto the blank canvas of Twitter or Facebook. Within humanity is a need to connect, a desire to understand through language and writing. 

Words are power, and within them the power of possibility.

When discussing this major, I use the term “English” loosely because in literature “English” writers are not the only ones studied. Pablo Neruda, Salman Rushdie, Kazuo Ishiguro are only a few of the international voices read in “English” courses.


Words are universal; the study of them takes us everywhere. It is through reading that people gain and share ideas. The learning and love of writing is a study of journeys and destinations, a sensation of being lost when you knew where you were going all along.

I learned this at UNF.