Why Major in English?

Sanaa Talibah, 2008
Magna Cum Laude

Faculty - Sanaa TalibahEnglish is the art of communication. To educate oneself in oral and written communication is critical because it is a Universal necessity in order for any civilization to progress. Communication begins with the foundation of words and expands into other dimensions, such as humanities and the arts in my case.

Having strong creative inclinations towards writing AND visual arts, I worked for the City of Jacksonville at The Ritz Theatre and Museum September 2008-April 2011. In May 2011 I relocated to Atlanta, GA to seek better opportunities as a writer and artist. The relocation is providing me more opportunities to make international contacts and grow.


An important milestone in implementing my English degree is my premier published work, “Tales of Two Forefathers,” a collection of oral narratives from two elders in family. The narratives reflect on personal accounts of everyday life during their generation and the social/cultural climate of living in an era plagued by overt racism and segregation. Although the book title came three years later, the journey that gave birth to “Tales of Two Forefathers” was actually conceived in 2007 while an undergrad at UNF. 


I am also an artist which translates into VISUAL communication. Sometimes what we may find difficult to articulate with words can be translated with an image. I strongly believe that visual communication is equally important as oral and written communication. The three actually converge and function as instrumental mnemonic devices that appeal to all senses and both hemispheres of the brain.


To choose English as a major is not just having a liberal arts degree. It is a life-long tool that educates one about communicating effectively. Utilizing effective communication is applicable in EVERY facet of life and carries one a long way.