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Blacklit Garden Elementary class photo with students and teacher.

Literature Minors

The English minor—newly named the Literature minor—provides students with the opportunity to design a five-course curriculum suited to their interests. Do you have an interest in different kinds of literature--American, British, and/or world literature? Do you have an interest in a combination of drama and creative writing? Would you like to focus on literary criticism and theory? Are there five courses in our department that would supplement your major in some way? Do you have an interest in acquiring advanced writing and editing skills--which business leaders across the country say are a top consideration for them when they are hiring? Are you pre-med or pre-law? (Medical and Law schools look very favorably on students with literature backgrounds.) Do you just plain love literature? Whatever your reasons, we welcome you to the English/Literature minor. 


American Literature Minor

Our minor in American Literature will acquaint students broadly with a range of American Literature, and will acquaint them deeply with some of the more significant American authors, as well as some of the principle concerns of the field, such as the origins and history of American Exceptionalism, and the effects of Puritan Literature and other Literatures in the Age of Conquest on later conceptions of the American self. Students will be introduced to both canonical and minority American Literature and they will investigate how both the canon and its margins have come to be constructed.


Program of Study


British Literary Studies Minor

The British Literature minor is for students who wish to increase their knowledge of important British authors, texts, and contexts. Students with aspirations toward fully understanding and appreciating the English-language literary tradition from its origins to the present will be well served by this minor, as will students who wish to develop critical reading and writing abilities necessary for graduate study of literature as well as law, business, and other fields in which a clear comprehension of complex rhetoric and communication is essential. The British Literature minor will be especially attractive to English majors, majors in other overlapping areas in the humanities such as History and Philosophy, and all students with interdisciplinary interests that include literature.


Program of Study



African-American/African Diaspora Studies Minor

The African American/African Diaspora Studies Minor in the College of Arts & Sciences is an interdisciplinary minor designed to promote academic study of peoples and cultures throughout the African Diaspora. Multidisciplinary methods of inquiry and research give students broad theoretical approaches to the central questions and concerns of Diaspora studies—including race, culture, identity, diversity, history, and society. Students who earn a minor in African American/African Diaspora Studies examine these central concerns through regional, national, and global perspectives. Additionally, students engage in transformational learning opportunities, from internships and service learning to study abroad, in order to bridge theory and praxis. Students who earn this minor gain a broader appreciation for the diversity and richness of the histories and cultures of Africans, African Americans, and Africans in the Diaspora.


Program of Study


Dr. Tru Leverette, Director

(904) 620-2273

Office: Building 8, Room 2427



Students should consult with Academic Advisors each semester to ensure that they are meeting the appropriate requirements of the minor. College of Arts & Sciences Advising: Building 51, Room 2500, (904) 620-2797.