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collection of three students at stand up reciting poetry

Film Posters

Event cover for Andy Warhol, detailed description below image  
13 most Beautiful songs for Andy Warhol's screen tests. Free Screening Wednesday, March 9, 7:30pm (sunset) at the UNF student Union Coxwell Amphitheater. Presented by Nicholas de Villiers, dept. of English, Courtesy of the Andy Warhol Museum. 13 most Beautiful... Songs for Andy Warhol's screen tests features 13 of Warhol's classic silent film portraits. Subjects include Nico, Lou Reed, Edie Sedgwick, Dennis Hopper, and more. Shot between 1964 and 1966 at Warhol's Factory studio in New York City, the Screen tests are presented in newly commissioned sound tracks performed by Dean Wareham and Britta Phillips. This event is free and open to the public UNF charges $3 for parking. For more information contact Nicholas de Villiers:  
Cross-Cultural Cinema, detailed description below image  
Cross-Cultural Cinema. FIL 4848, 12435, TR 10:50-12:05. Dr. Nicholas de Villiers. Note: This course fulfills a cultural diversity (CD) requirement. Based on a set of films that focus on the situation of the cross-cultural encounter-including tourism, immigration, and transnational romance-paired with critical readings in world cinema studies, this course will provide students with the analytical tools to address three central questions: what does it mean to be "abroad"? What are the pleasures, privileges and perils of being "lost in translation"? and how does the cinema both reflect and participate in globalization? Our exploration of these questions will also entail that students be self-critical about how their encounter with world cinema is a cross-cultural experience. The principle analytical tools will be drawn from the diverse interdisciplinary fields of cinema and media studies, cultural studies, postcolonial studies, and cultural anthropology. Students will write three short essays over the course of the semester.
 Japanese Film Series, detailed description below image  
Japanese film series. Presented by Dr. Nicholas de Villiers and Dr. Meiko Nagishi. Sponsored by the UNF presidents fund, international center, Asian council, woman's center, anime club, and Japanese convention center. 
 Studies in Film, detailed description below image  
Studies in Film Eng 6138. Summer A T/R 6:10-9:40. This summer seminar is designed to give students and overview of international cinema through its history. We will focus on national film movements that have been recognized for their influence on the development of cinema world wide. American Romantic Realism, German Expressionism, Soviet Montage, French New Wave in order to get a sense of film vocabulary, film style, film technique and some film theory. We will also read about the historical context for certain films and movements in order to get a sense of the politics of films. Students will be expected to read essays, write synopses, and reflections on all of the films, and write two short essays engaging in film analysis. The goal of the course is to provide and introduction to international cinema, cinema history, and film analysis. For more information contact:
Asian Film Series, detailed description below image  
UNF Asia Council Presents...Asian Film Series.Tuesdays from 7:00-9:30 p.m. presented by Drs. Nicholas de Villiers, Yongan Wu, Tes Tuason, Siho Nam, Sanjay Ahuja, and Susan Vasana.     
St. Elmo at night, detailed description below image  
Loud Sound Live Presents. St. Elmo at Night sea, swells and light. A 60-minute sound art performance by Amy Moor, Brian McKinnon and Brian Guiry. Thursday, March 6, 7pm Free and open to the public. University Gallery. Founders Hall. Building 2. 9046201284. To prevent interruption of light and sound conditions, performers request to entry or exit during the performance.     
American Film in Context 1970s, detailed description below image  
American Film In Context. 1970s. In the 1960s Filmmakers broke from the seamless, glossy, morally-certain films in Hollywood had perfected, ushering in the great artistic period of American film called the Hollywood Renaissance, which we will study in depth, along with Blockbusters, Independent Cinema, and Genre films (slasher, vigilante, blaxploitation). With the Vietnam War and Watergate, Americans in the 1970's could no longer take for granted that their government was honest or that their military action was morally just. To approach this culturally-saturated film in context, we will read and discuss non-fiction from 1967-1980 in order to understand the social, historical, and aesthetic force of the film. Students should have taken Introduction to Film for American Film to ensure basic film interpretation skills before taking this class. 
FIL 4931, tuesday/thursday at 12:15-2:55 for questions contact Dr. Jillian Smith at
Gender, Sexuality, & Cinema, detailed description below image  
Gender, Sexuality, and Cinema. Dr. Nicholas de Villiers. LIT 5934/82423. FIL 3930/82413. TR 3:05-5:45pm. Feminist film theorist Laura Mulvey argued that there was a sexual division of labor in Classical Hollywood cinema with "Woman as Image, Man as Bearer of the Look." Women were objectified by the "male gaze" in cinema, which catered to the visual pleasure of male audience members. The documentary of the "Celluloid Closet" makes and equally broad claim that "Hollywood taught straight people what to think of gay people and gay people with to think of themselves." Feminist critics since Mulvey have gone on to consider the problem of female spectatorship and questioned the social construction of gender (masculinity as well as femininity). and gay and lesbian film historians have since asked that possibilities there are for queer identification and desire in cinema. This course provides and opportunity for discussion of these and related issues regarding "the politics of representation" in an atmosphere of free and open inquiry. The principle analytical tools will be drawn from the diverse interdisciplinary fields of cinema and media studies, cultural studies, gender studies, and gay and lesbian studies. Students will be required to write three short essays over the course of the semester.     
A Woman's Weapon, detailed description below image    
A woman's weapon. Performs a live soundtrack to Carl Theodor Dreyer's Vampyr. Wednesday 3.11 at the UNF art Gallery Free Show!!!! Event Proudly presented by LoudSound Live Show starts at 7pm    
Jacksonville: faces places dreams, detailed description below image    
Afterimage documentary films presents Jacksonville: faces, places, dreams. December 1, 2010, Wed. 7-9pm (during Art Walk) MOCA Theater: Free. 333 N. Laura St. "Prophets in Plain Clothes" Insight from the people of Hemming Plaza. "Klutho Unseen" The lost buildings of Jax Architect Klutho. "Touch of Grace" Grace Church of Avondale, rocking their way to Jesus. "Hello Hot Wok (Place of Dreams)" Chinese fast food--where dreams rise and fall. "Life on the Line" The Rhythms of public transport. "Old village, new directions" Does Mayport have a future?". "Broken Race, Growing Movement". The State of Black America today and more...    
Afterimage documentary at UNF, detailed description below image    
Afterimage Documentary at UNF in association with St. Johns Riverkeeper presents. Placed by the River a cultural portrait of the Saint Johns River Through the People who live it. Saturday January 9 2-4pm. Portrait Documentaries: Keeping the waterway safe-the coast guard team of jacksonville. Buckman: wastewater treatment plant. Everything moves around you: JJ Grey Mofro, Swamp Rocker. I ness eis Dar (Even in Darkness) Daniel Robison, Kayaker, Riverbluff league. That Guy: Sean Hendrix, Swingdancer, River City Brewing Co. Positioned by the River: Ms. B. Cabdriver and journal writer. Nora's Dissont: Nora Smith, Mayport resident and activist. Drift wood: Joan Peoples, Owner, Clark's Fish Camp and Seafood. Reva-lations: Reva Weller, Owner, Parramore's Fantastic Fish Camp. The Unsung Pilots of the St. Johns River: Cpt. Winegeart and Jax Pilots. MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) 333 North Laura Street. Jacksonville. FL. 32202    
Documentary workshop, detailed description below image    
Documentary Workshop. Summer A. LIT 4931/5934 Documentary Workshop. T/R 12:40-4:10. This intensive summer workshop on documentary dilm productions is designed to give students a crash course on amateur documentary production focusing especially on the interview. By the end of the course students will have learned how to interview, shoot video, record audio, and edit a short documentary using Final Cut software. Our aim is not to reproduce the interviews we see on television but to understand documentary filming as a creative process where we learn not only the basic skills of filming, but also how to find our own voice through film. The course will be offered in longer version in the fall semester. Students can productively take up one or both of the workshops. The summer session will likely focus on interviewing someone the student already knows. The course will move at a rapid pace, film knowledge experience or dedication is a must. For more information contact