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Blacklit Garden Elementary class photo with students and teacher.

Mark Ari

Associate Instructor

Office: Building 8, Room 2107


Faculty Bio

Areas of Expertise

Writing (Particularly Fiction, Creative Nonfiction, and Song); Anti-literature; Form and Practice in the Application of Algebra, Fire and Wildcards in Creative Acts; Radical Jewish Culture


MFA from Brooklyn College of the City University of New York


Ari founded and serves as Editorial Advisor to the literary journal, Flock;  edits EAT, a publisher of digital albums and audio chapbooks which includes the highly regarded EAT Poems series devoted to Florida poets;  and directs River House, the university’s virtual writer’s house. He publishes  fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction. His novel, The Shoemaker's Tale, received high praise in international trade and popular periodicals like the New York Times, Kirkus Reviews, and The Jerusalem Post..  He is a performing singer-songwriter. His paintings have been exhibited in group and solo shows in New York and Europe.