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Blacklit Garden Elementary class photo with students and teacher.

Brenda Maxey-Billings

Associate Instructor

Phone: (904) 620-2273
Office: Building 8, Room 2543



Faculty Bio

Areas of Expertise

Composition, Rhetoric, Technical and Business Writing, Critical Reading, New Media, Literature, Literary Theory (The Uncanny)



Ph.D. coursework in English, literary theory, and composition/rhetoric (University of Florida)

M.A. English (University of North Florida)

B.A. English (Mathematics minor), University of North Florida



With a personal history that weaves through literature, mathematics, psychology, business, and computer sciences, I've found common threads of language, code, analysis, and problem-solving.  For me, English ties all these threads together, demanding, as it does, close attention to both compositional and de-compositional processes. The field also compels inexhaustible intrigue through certain "problematic" issues that exert subtle yet powerful influences on both academic and professional texts -- subjectivity, media transformations, textual performativity, and literary uncanniness. As Derrida suggests, "Inside language, there is a terror, soft, discreet, or glaring: that is our subject."


 My pedagogy reflects my research interests. I teach a variety of English courses, focusing on a wide range of texts (including new media and film). Though their specific objectives differ, all my courses share certain general features. In particular, they focus on ways to critically read text; explorations of how, why, and to what ends textual features function; and skills to translate understanding into effective communication.