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Blacklit Garden Elementary class photo with students and teacher.

English Graduate Organization (EGO)

About EGO

The English Graduate Organization (EGO) is a social and pre-professional organization for graduate students of the University of North Florida's English Department.

The EGO co-hosts the Annual English Graduate Student Conference, holds readings of critical and creative writing, and organizes sessions to discuss topics of interest to graduate students.

The EGO provides graduate students a chance to contribute to the life of the department and the university. In addition, the EGO is a way for students to advise and help one another navigate their way through the graduate studies program.

Biannual Graduate English Conferences

Since 2000, the English Graduate Program and the EGO have sponsored a graduate English conference every year in which current graduate students and alumni deliver scholarly papers.

The event gives students and alumni experience in one of the central activities of university-level critical writing. Starting in 2009, EGO and the program will expand to two conferences per year, one in the Fall, the other in Spring. A free lunch is served.

Benefits of Presenting a Paper

Students should ask the instructors of their 6000-level courses whether they would be willing to give credit for presenting a paper. Instructors in turn are discouraged from grading the presentations. All students in the program should try to deliver a paper at least once.