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students at a study abroad at stone henge.

Department Newsletter: English on the Wire

The newsletter, produced by the Department of English, provides coverage of all student and faculty events in addition to providing students an opportunity to practice their writing skills and develop a portfolio for employment purposes. Associate Professor of English Betsy Nies serves as the editor and welcomes all students to join her in producing the newsletter.

The newsletter additionally provides coverage of student awards, faculty accomplishments, and alumni news. Alumni are encouraged to submit personal news or information about their career paths. 

Please write to Dr. Betsy Nies for more information on becoming a writer, having your accomplishments recognized, or showcasing your chosen career path. Alumni—we need profiles!

  • Spring 2013, Issue 5 
  • Fall 2012, Issue 4 
  • Spring 2012, Issue 3 
  • Summer A 2011, Issue 2 
  • Spring 2011, Issue 1