Why Major in English?

April Bacon, 2006
Editor of Fiction Fix

Faculty - April BaconMy experience at UNF was precisely what any young writer would wish for – workshops, collaborations, journals, events. I still have my story critiques written by Ari and my peers – they are invaluable and so good, and still give me guidance as a writer. Ernest Hemingway said this often paraphrased remark that “writing, at its best, is a lonely life,” or, as said by Jessamyn West, “writing is a solitary occupation.” I dare say they were wrong. True, while I am putting pen to paper, I am alone, but a writing community helps a writer to not only fine tune their craft, but also to develop in unexpected and new ways.

My writing talent was (and continues to be) nurtured by UNF because of my mentors and peers there; to this day I am still in touch with this community. T hat is how I came to be the Editor-in-Chief of Fiction Fix in October of 2008. T he journal holds a special significance for me since it is the first place I have ever been published. It is so satisfying to work with UNF students and alumni to produce such a diverse and rich journal twice a year. The writers featured in Fiction Fix are both new writers, established writers, and all in between. They come from across the U.S. and world; it is humbling to be on this side of the process, seeing how many writers are out there, and how many great stories, and it is exciting to communicate with writers from around the globe and read what they are producing.

My most recent publications include “When the Sun is Glorious” in Prick of the Spindle 4.3 (the story also received an "Honorable Mention" from Glimmer Train), “Death in Wisconsin” in the online publication deadpaper, and an essay forthcoming in Anamesa. I have also been published in Outsider Ink, Eat, River House at UNF, The Osprey Journal of Ideas and Inquiry, the UNF writing contest journal, and, of course, Fiction Fix. I currently live in New York, am working as an Executive Assistant at NYU's Courant Institute (a Math and Computer Science Institute teeming with good stories), and am applying to M.F.A.programs in New York City.