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film student catching video on a bus.

AfterImage Documentary

 Students have the opportunity to make their own films by enrolling in Documentary Workshops. Here they learn how to interview, shoot video, record audio, and edit their films on Final Cut Pro. Most important, however, they learn how to open their eyes and ears to the world around them, a critical talent for any documentary filmmaker, and one honed through practicing Patience, Guts, and Intensity—the principles through which the films of AfterImage Documentary at UNF are made.

AfterImage Documentary seeks to foster relationships between university students and the local community through documentary filmmaking. Students are asked, first, to immerse themselves in the community to make their documentaries and, second, to communicate with the community through public screenings of their documentaries at MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art, Jacksonville). 

View student films below, and consider enrolling in an AfterImage workshop whether you are a film minor (who may want to refine your understanding of shots and sound and editing), a communications major (who may want to try an artistic approach to documentary filmmaking), an English major (who may want to understand visual communication as well as textual communication), an Art and Design major (who may want to apply the principles of your medium to the medium of film) a Business major (who may want to understand the power of visual communication and community relations better) an Engineering major . . . the list is endless. Read “What Students Say” to hear how students have benefitted from their filmmaking experiences.


Student Documentaries

AfterImage Documentary films on Vimeo

Michael Santana and John Dickens, "Touch of Grace" 

Film Student with camera