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students at a study abroad at stone henge.

African-American/African Diaspora Studies Minor

The African American/African Diaspora Studies Minor in the College of Arts & Sciences is an interdisciplinary minor designed to promote academic study of peoples and cultures throughout the African Diaspora. Multidisciplinary methods of inquiry and research give students broad theoretical approaches to the central questions and concerns of Diaspora studies—including race, culture, identity, diversity, history, and society. Students who earn a minor in African American/African Diaspora Studies examine these central concerns through regional, national, and global perspectives. Additionally, students engage in transformational learning opportunities, from internships and service learning to study abroad, in order to bridge theory and praxis. Students who earn this minor gain a broader appreciation for the diversity and richness of the histories and cultures of Africans, African Americans, and Africans in the Diaspora.


Program of Study


Dr. Tru Leverette, Director

(904) 620-2273

Office: Building 8, Room 2427



Students should consult with Academic Advisors each semester to ensure that they are meeting the appropriate requirements of the minor. College of Arts & Sciences Advising: Building 51, Room 2500, (904) 620-2797.