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Blacklit Garden Elementary class photo with students and teacher.


The Department of English serves its majors and minors with undergraduate and graduate advisors:

COAS Undergraduate Advising

The College of Arts and Sciences Advising Office can help you answer questions about future classes, degree requirements, academic roadmap issues, scheduling challenges, or grad school or post-baccalaureate opportunities. For more information or to schedule an appointment, visit COAS Advising.

Office: 51/2500

Phone: 620-2797

Betsy Nies, Ph.D.(Graduate Advisor)

Associate Professor Dr. Betsy Nies serves as advisor for the English M.A. and Accelerated B.A./M.A. programs. She'd love to hear from both undergraduate and graduate alumni of our program to hear what you are doing after graduation!



Office: (904) 620-1249

First-year Advising

For general education advising, please contact the First Year Advising Office.