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 IDS 3949 allows students to earn course credit for relevant work experience. Working with a Faculty Mentor and the Career Success Center (CSC), students will develop a plan to integrate academic coursework with an internship experience. Students are responsible for ensuring all forms are completed, signed and returned to the CSC by established deadlines.   

Steps to Enroll in the IDS 3949 Internship Course   

  1.  Schedule an appointment a Career Success Center Coordinator to receive an orientation to the course and all requirements.  Due:  At least a semester in advance of when the internship is planned to take place.    
  2. Complete and sign the Student Application and have the form signed by your advisor verifying your eligibility to enroll in the course.  Due: At least 4 weeks prior to the last day of classes.  

    **Make sure Steps 1 - 2 are completed and approved prior to continuing the final steps.** 
  3. Identify a faculty mentor willing to supervise the academic elements of the internship.  The Academic Agreement Form should be signed by your faculty mentor.  A copy should be provided to the CSC.  Due: At least 4 weeks prior to the last day of classes.  
  4. Select a prospective internship site and have the organization complete and sign the Employer Application.  The CSC Internship Instructor will review the form to verify the site as a credible, relevant and approvable experience.  Due: At least 4 weeks prior to the last day of classes. 
  5. Return the first three forms to the CSC for review.  If approved, the remaining paperwork should be completed. 
  6. Ensure the site supervisor completes and returns the Employer Agreement to the CSC to become officially established as an approved site. Due: At least 1 week prior to the last day of classes.  
  7. Complete the Student-Employer Assignment Verification Form and obtain the required signatures to confirm the internship experience for the designated semesters. Due: At least 1 week prior to the last day of classes.


Once all forms are completed and submitted to the CSC and the internship experience is approved, course registration access will be granted.  Students should register and pay any tuition fees according to the deadline dates established by the University.