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Seniors your four year plan - over a shot of two girls in graduation gowns


  • Where do you see yourself for the next 1-2 years after college?
  • Are you still interested in pursuing an advanced degree?
  • Have you received and carefully considered full-time offers?
  • If you have not received an offer, have you checked in with COAS Career Success Center?


  • UPDATE your career action plan with your full-time plans in mind. Your career counselor will help you reflect upon the culmination of your experiences, projects, and coursework
  • DEVELOP your job search plan
  • UTILIZE social media to expand your network, and update your Handshake profile
  • FOLLOW UP with contacts made through career fairs, coffee chats, information sessions, and LinkedIn
  • CULTIVATE your online brand
  • IDENTIFY graduate school application timelines
  • BE MINDFUL of hiring timelines for different industries and focus on your own personal career path
  • EVALUATE full-time offers carefully before accepting. Discuss with family, career counselors, and trusted mentors
  • RESEARCH cost of living and relocation resources before committing to an offer
  • UPDATE resumes and cover letters with new experiences and relevant coursework and submit for digital review