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UNF Employer Recruitment Policies - on a blue background

Recruiting Program

The University of North Florida Career Success Center provides a variety of career services, programs, and resources designed to help employers develop a successful recruiting program. This includes job fairs, information sessions, information tables, and on-campus interviews. To help you develop a customized recruiting program targeting specific majors, determine the majors you want to recruit: UNF Academic Majors and then use the Career Counseling to help you identify the staff members that help you connect with students.

To successfully recruit our students it is important to develop a recruiting strategy, build a foundation of on-campus activities, and to maintain a strong presence on an on-going basis. We recommend participating in a variety of activities to develop a strong presence on campus.


The COAS Career Success Center reserves the right to edit, delete, or refuse any employer profile, job posting, or login at any time.