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Undergraduate Programs of Study

The School of Communication offers two undergraduate degrees: A B.S. in Communication and a B.A. in Communication Studies. The new B.A. in Communication Studies differs from the School of Communication's existing B.S. in Communication in that the B.S. focuses on preparing students for mass media jobs in journalism, advertising, public relations, and digital video production, while the B.A. focuses on interpersonal and organizational communication within a wide variety of businesses. 


Our “Careers in Communication” website has details on the types of jobs that the B.S. in Communication and B.A. in Communication Studies prepare you for.   


Also offered are three minors: Communication Studies, Mass Communication, and Political Campaigning and Advocacy. We are committed to making courses as accessible as possible. As a result, we offer courses in a variety of formats: traditional face-to-face lecture, online distance learning, and hybrid. However, please note that some courses do not have a distance-learning option and must be done in a traditional face-to-face format.

Bachelor of Science in Communication

All B.S. in Communication majors are required to specify an area of study within the degree. Currently there are four areas from which students may choose: Advertising, Multimedia Journalism, Digital Video Production, and Public Relations. Also, B.S. in Communication majors must complete a minimum of 72 hours outside of journalism and mass communication courses, and B.S. in Communication majors can take no more than 6 credit hours for internships. The B.S. in Communication is accredited by the Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communications. Here is a video that describes what our students do in the B.S. in Communication.


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The Advertising concentration provides students with the theoretical concepts and practices of the advertising profession, including the research and development of creative strategies underlying ad development and execution in integrated advertising campaigns using a variety of media.


Program of Study - Advertising

Multimedia Journalism

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The Multimedia Journalism major concentration stresses reporting and storytelling skills in the fast-changing professional practices of journalism. The concentration emphasizes content production for print, broadcast, cable, and online/interactive/multimedia dissemination. The program acquaints students with the structure and operations of news media organizations and the legal and ethical issues associated with mass media.


Program of Study - Multimedia Journalism   


Digital Video Production 

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The Digital Video Production major concentration focuses on developing all necessary video production skills in order to compete and excel in today's increasingly video driven media industry. Upon completing the program requirements, students will be able to demonstrate clear proficiency with all fundamental aspects of video production, with the option to specialize in one of several areas if they choose: Public Relations, Advertising, Journalism, Documentary or Narrative Production.


Program of Study - Digital Video Production 

Public Relations

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The Public Relations concentration acquaints students with theoretical concepts and practices of the public relations profession. Through research, strategic planning, and application of a wide range of communication skills, public relations professionals guide institutions in developing and maintaining relationships with internal and external groups including the larger society.


Program of Study - Public Relations

Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies

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The B. A. in communication studies prepares students to be competent communicators in their personal, civic and professional roles by fostering their abilities to think critically, to express and advocate ideas effectively, and to understand and appreciate the diversity of human communicative practices. Through a dynamic and diverse curriculum that spans interpersonal, mediated, and organizational communication, students develop communication skills aimed at enhancing their personal, professional, and public lives. The B.A. in communication studies prepares aspirants for a variety of careers in business and professional occupations as well as for graduate programs in communication, law or the social sciences. Occupations such as organizational trainer, sales representative, buyer and government program coordinator are options for program graduates.


Program of Study - BA in Communication Studies

Minors in Communication

Communication Studies

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This minor explores human communication, including interpersonal, nonverbal, group, intercultural, organizational, mass, and public communication.


Program of Study - Communication Studies

Mass Communication

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This minor provides an overview of the processes and influences of the mass media.


Program of Study - Mass Communication

Political Campaigning and Advocacy

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This minor provides an overview of political parties, running political campaigns and advocating in the political process.


Program of Study - Political Campaigning and Advocacy