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Internship Experiences

The School of Communication has developed internship relationships with a wide range of businesses and organizations including The Florida Times-Union, Jacksonville Magazine, The Dalton Agency, St. John and Partners, and WJXT, among many others.


Students work at their internship site a total of 145 hours building their knowledge base through experiential learning under the supervision of communication professionals. In addition to the experience gained during the internship, students build their professional network while creating content for an online professional portfolio.

MMC 4975 - Senior Project (Internship)

Prerequisites:Senior Standing; MMC1004 (media literacy), MMC3942 (pre-internship), MMC 3614, MMC 3105, and MMC 3200 plus at least three of the upper-level Major Electives courses for the student's concentration. This capstone course is an opportunity for students to demonstrate that they have achieved the goals of learning established by the university, the college, and the school. The course integrates course work, knowledge, skill, and experience to demonstrate a broad mastery of learning across the curriculum.


Academic credit for this course is limited to one three-hour course.


The Mass Communication faculty recognize there may be exceptional cases that prevent a student from participating in a professional internship and two options are available. It is assumed, however, that exceptions to the internship will be extremely rare and only after the student has submitted his or her request and justification in writing.


Options include:

  • Option 1: A substantial research paper
  • Option 2: A major project in the student's field that allows the faculty to fully evaluate the student's skills.

Internship Requirements

You are required to work a minimum of 145 hours during the semester at your internship (Approximately 15 hours per week).


During your internship you must submit weekly online progress reports to the specified website. These list and explain your tasks and accomplishments for the week.


Your supervisor will be asked to submit a mid-term evaluation form via a specified website when you reach 100 hours. Your supervisor will also complete a final evaluation at the end of the internship.


At the end of your internship (no later than the last day of classes for the term during which you intern) you must submit an online portfolio reflecting your accomplishments and new knowledge.

Internship Packets 

For a list of approved internships and forms, please visit this website.

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girl posing at internship fair

School of Communication Internship + Job Fair

Here's a short video of what to expect at the School of Communication's Internship + Job Fair

You are invited:

Internship + Job Fair 2023

The event will be held in March in the Student Union Ballroom, Student Union West. More details to come. 

Companies representing advertising, digital video production, multimedia journalism and public relations will be on hand to share information about internships and jobs in their organizations. Dress professionally, bring your resume and come prepared to engage with potential employers. To see the list of participating employers from the 2022 fair, visit HandShake