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Dr. Chunsik Lee

Associate Professor: Public Relations

Ph.D., Mass Communications, University of Florida

M.A., Communications, University of Minnesota

B.S., Communications, Seoul National University

Phone: (904) 620-2651


Office: Building 14D, Room 2023


Dr. Lee's research program focuses on the effectiveness of new communication technologies as strategic communications tools such as public relations and advertising. In addition, he has conducted research on source effects and branding equity. He has published his research in Journal of Marketing Communication, International Journal of Internet Marketing and Advertising, Journal of Advertising and Promotion Research, Journal of Medical Marketing, and Proceedings of the American Academy of Advertising. Before coming back to academia, Dr. Lee worked as a market researcher with a specialization in consumer electronics products.


Dr. Lee teaches Principles of Public Relations, Mass Communication Research, and Understanding Emerging Media. Some of his teaching materials and up-to-date information on emerging media are available on the Facebook group, Understanding Emerging Media and the Facebook page, CS Interactive Media.