The 36-credit degree is an innovative collaborative approach among the Department of Communication and five other concentrations within the University. These concentrations include business, public health, leadership, nonprofit or public management. Students will learn media management, strategy, metrics, economics and business/communication
ethical and legal issues.


The M.S. in communication management focuses on leadership management in the communication field such as a public relations firm, advertising agency, media outlet or production company. Graduates can also find employment in leadership positions at government agencies, healthcare companies and corporate communication departments.
In addition, the master's program prepares students for doctoral programs if they want to further their education.


The curriculum, listed below, shows the extent to which you can customize your coursework to fit your needs.




Major: Communication Management 

Degree: Master of Science

Hours: 36

CORE REQUIREMENTS: (15 credits) 

MMC 6256 - Foundations of Communication Management (3 credits)

MMC 6006 - Strategic Communication Theory (3 credits)

MMC 6426 - Qualitative Research Methods in Mass Communication (3 credits)

MMC 6421 - Quantitative Research Methods in Mass Communication (3 credits)

MMC 6206 - Ethics in Communication Management (3 credits)


Select 1 course from the following:

COM 5126 - Organizational Communications (3 credits)

COM 5627 - Lying & Deception (3 credits)

COM 5705 - Listening (3 credits)

COM 5226 - Theory and Research Methods in Health Communications (3 credits

COM 5445 - Small Group Communication (3 credits)

COM 5046 - Interpersonal Communication (3 credits)

COM 5348 - Interviewing: Theories and Methods (3 credits)

SPC 5545 - Theories of Persuasion (3 credits)

MMC 5419 - Political Advertising (3 credits)

RTV 5801 - Media Management (3 credits)

MMC 5946 - Internship in Communication Management (3 credits)

MMC 5267 - Current Issues in Emerging Media (3 credits)

MMC 6730 - Social Media Management (3 credits)



OUTSIDE COURSES: (12 credits) 

Pick courses from just 1 of these 5 concentrations below (Business, Public Health, Leadership, Nonprofit Management or Public Management):

Business Concentration (Coggin College of Business)  

MAN 6002 - Cornerstones of Management

ECO 6060 - Economic Analysis

MAR 6055 - Fundamentals of Marketing 

Select 1 more course from the following:

ACG 6305 - Fundamentals of Financial Accounting (3 credits)

FIN 6407 - Fundamentals of Financial Management (3 credits)

MAN 6204 - Organizational Theory (3 credits)

ISM 6021 - Management Information Technology (3 credits)

MAN 6875 - Entrepreneurship/Venture Capital (3 credits)

MAR 6805 - Marketing Strategy (3 credits)

ECO 6415 - Making Decisions with Data (3 credits)

ECP 6705 - Economics of Business Decisions (3 credits)


Public Health Concentration (Brooks College of Health, Department of Public Health) 

Select 4 courses from the following:

HSN 6603 - Theory of Health Behavior (3 credits)

PHC 6102 - Public Health Policy and Management (3 credits)

HSC 6585 - Health Promotion and Health Education Strategies (3 credits)

HSC 6587 - Program Planning in Health Promotion/Education (3 credits)

HSC 6215 - Environmental Health (3 credits)

HSC 6505 - Epidemiology (3 credits)

PHC 6050 - Public Health Biostats I (3 credits)

Leadership Concentration (College of Education and Human Service's Department of Leadership, School Counseling and Sport Management)  

EDA 6191 - Team Leadership (3 credits)

EDA 6196 - Leadership and Learning Organizations (3 credits)

EDG 6285 - Fundamentals of Program Evaluation (3 credits)

EDS 6130 - Human Resource Management (3 credits)

Nonprofit Management Concentration (Dept. of Political Science and Public Administration)  

PAD 6142 - Management of Nonprofit Organizations (3 credits)

PAD 6164 - NPO Stakeholder Relations (3 credits)

PAD 6208 - Nonprofit Financial Management (3 credits)

Select 1 more course from the following: 

PAD 5384 - Civic Groups and Public Policy (3 credits)

EDA 6930 - Grants Development and Project Design (3 credits)

HSC 6706 - Grantsmanship (3 credits)

Public Management Concentration (Dept. of Political Science and Public Administration)  

PAD 6060 - Public Admin in Modern Society (3 credits)

PAD 6227 - Government Budget in Finance (3 credits)

PAD 6417 - Human Resources in Public/NP Management (3 credits)

Select 1 more course from the following: PAD 5000 to 6999 or PUP 5000 to 6999 (3 credits)



MMC 6971 - Thesis/Applied Research Project (6 credits)

Students will complete either an academic communication management-related thesis OR a professional communication-related research project under the supervision of a faculty advisor and committee. Students will take this 3-credit course twice to reach the required 6 credit hours of thesis/applied research project needed to graduate with the M.S. in communication management. 

Non-Thesis Option (6 credits) 

Students who choose this option will take six additional credit hours from the list of Departmental Electives.


The admissions requirements 

A baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited U.S. institution or its equivalent from a foreign institution with a GPA of 3.0 or higher in all work attempted in the last 60 credit hours of undergraduate study. GRE scores are not required.


Other requirements: 

  • Official transcripts from all attended colleges or universities
  • Resume (which includes contact information for at least two references)
  • Letter of intent that speaks to the applicant's background/goals and specifies which of the 5 concentrations (business, nonprofit management, public management, leadership or public health) he/she wants to select.


All graduate applicants should be aware that fluency in the English language is essential for success in the program. International students are required to submit scores from the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). A minimum score of 550 (paper-based) or 79 (internet-based) on the TOEFL is required.


Visit the UNF Graduate School website to apply. The deadlines for admission are December 1 for spring term and August 1 for fall term.


Please email the department chair, Dr. John Parmelee, if you have questions or if you want to be put on our mailing list for updates about the M.S. in Communication Management.