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Chemistry Faculty: Thomas J. Mullen III, Ph.D.

Dr. Thomas 'TJ' Mullen

Associate Professor of Chemistry

Office: Science & Engineering (Building 50), Room 2730

Lab: Science & Engineering (Building 50), Room 2724

Phone: (904) 620-1377



Bachelor of Science (Summa Cum Laude) - University of Florida 2003

Ph.D. - Pennsylvania State University 2008

Postdoctoral Research - University of California-Davis 2008-2011


Dr. Mullen teaches Introduction to Chemistry, General Chemistry, Modern Analytical Chemistry, and Senior Seminar in Chemistry

Research Interests

Dr. Mullen's research interests are in creating complex surface structures with molecular-scale organization and chemical functionality for applications ranging from bioactive surfaces to nanoelectronics. His research centers on improving and enhancing unconventional lithographic strategies (such as scanning probe lithography, contact printing, particle lithography, etc.) using molecular self-assembly. Such hybrid strategies are of particular interest because they couple a key aspect afforded unconventional lithography, the ability to create complex architectures over large areas without the requirement of expensive facilities, to the flexibility and resolution afforded by molecular self-assembly. The goal of Dr. Mullen’s research program is to fabricate complex mesoscale surface architectures economically for the electronic industry and to extend these strategies into fields outside of traditional semiconductor fabrication. Given the interdisciplinary nature of his research program, undergraduate research students collaborate with faculty in various departments across the UNF campus and receive broad scientific training in preparation for their careers beyond the University of North Florida.

Recent Publications


OTS Pillars


"Effects of Surface Water on Organosilane Nanostructure Fabrication Using Particle Lithography," A. L. Brown Field, C. P. Causey, T. J. Mullen, Thin Solid Films, 594, 184-191 (2015). (


Octadecyltrichlorosilane Nanostructures


"Influence of Solvent on Octadecyltrichlorosilane Nanostructures Fabricated Using Particle Lithography," A. L. Brown Field, C. P. Causey, T. J. Mullen, Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 119, 12455-12463 (2015). (


AD patterns using adamantanethiol


"1-Adamantanethiol as a Versatile Nanografting Tool", C. I. Drexler, C. P. Causey, T. J. Mullen, Scanning 36, 6-16 (2015). (


Mercaptoalkanoic Acid

"Atomic Force Microscopy Characterization and Lithography of Cu-Ligated Mercaptoalkanoic Acid "Molecular Ruler" Multilayers," C. I. Drexler, K. B. Moore III*, C. P. Causey, T. J. Mullen, Langmuir 30, 7447-7455 (2014). (


Surface chemistry on hematite substrate


"Improving Hematite’s Solar Water Splitting Efficiency by Incorporating Rare Earth Upconversion Nanomaterials," M. Zhang, Y. J. Lin, T. J. Mullen, W. F. Lin, L. D. Sun, C. H. Yan, T. E. Patton, D. Wang, G. Y. Liu, Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 3, 3188-3192 (2012). (

Dr. Mullen's Research Group


Dr. Mullen's Research Group