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Chemistry Faculty: Stuart Chalk, Ph.D.

Stuart Chalk headshot

Professor of Chemistry

Office: Science & Engineering (Building 50), Room 3116

Research Lab: Science & Engineering (Building 50), Room 3108

Phone: (904) 620-1938



Bachelor of Science - Loughborough University (UK) 1988

Ph.D. - University of Massachusetts at Amherst 1994

Postdoctural Research - Duquesne University, Pittsburgh 1994-1996


Dr. Chalk teaches Modern Analytical Chemistry, Quantitative Analytical Chemistry, Senior Seminar, Chemometrics, Structure Elucidation, General Chemistry I, and Chemical Information Science.

Research Interests

Dr. Chalks research is focused on the following areas in chemical informatics, semantic chemistry, and scientific data models:

Current Projects

  • NSF Grant #1835643 - An Open Semantic Data Framework for Data-Driven Discovery
  • Development of the ChemExtractor - automated extract of property data from PDF files (funded by Springer Materials)
  • Development of a semantic units repository to support scientific big data (funded by NIST)
  • Development of a data model to represent scientific property data
  • Migration of the IUPAC Gold Book website to a new database driven version - IUPAC Project

Research Group

  • Stuart Chalk - PHP/JavaScript programming, data model design, IUPAC Gold Book Project
  • Dr. Dylan Johnson (Postdoc) - SciData Python Library, CHEMBL Data Conversion
  • Julianne Rotne - Crystallographic Information Format (CIF) Data Conversion
  • Sara Rutten - Crystallographic Information Format (CIF) Ontology Development
  • Montana Sloan - NIST TRC ThermoML Data Conversion
  • Katherine Madorma - CHEMBL Data Conversion
  • Lucia Avila - CHEMBL Data Conversion
  • Caleb Weber - CHEMBL Data Conversion
  • Deion Marshall - NCCT Data Conversion