Chemistry Faculty: Christos Lampropoulos, Ph.D.

Associate Professor


Office: Science & Engineering (Building 50), Room 2826

Labs: Science & Engineering (Building 50), Room 2830, 3510

Phone: (904) 620-2152

Email: C.


Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry with Honors - University of Illinois at Chicago 2004

M.Sc. - University of Florida 2007

Ph.D. - University of Florida 2009

Postdoctoral Research - University of Patras, Greece 2009-2010


Dr. Lampropoulos teaches General and Inorganic Chemistry

Research Interests

The research interests of Dr. Lampropoulos include:

  • the synthesis of functional inorganic materials with magnetic, conducting, catalytic, or photo-responsive properties
  • the synthesis of hybrid nano-materials which possess multiple functions such as the ones mentioned above
  • the physical and spectroscopic characterization of these materials using a variety of methods (NMR, EPR, Electrochemistry, Mossbauer spectroscopy, SQUID and micro-SQUID magnetometry, among others).
  • x-ray crystallography

Dr. Lampropoulos' research is not only highly interdisciplinary with strong ties to Materials Science and Physics, but also very rewarding with many high-quality publications in peer-reviewed journals. The group is currently funded through the Cottrell College Science Award from Research Corporation, and the Boissevain Lectureship award from the Dreyfus foundation. Dr. Lampropoulos was also the principal investigator for the NSF-MRI grant (DMR-1429428). For more information visit the Lampropoulos Group website.