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beakers filled with liquid multicolored
student and teacher working together
hand with a poured purple liquid
student in the lab
staff member in the lab

Chemistry Laboratory - Safety Walkthroughs

The requirements below are for students working in labs and will be observed during a safety walkthrough.

Current Safety Requirements

  • Door to lab closed
  • All students wearing safety goggles or glasses with safety shields
  • All students wearing either long pants to the ankle or a lab coat
  • Shoes must cover top of foot
  • No eating, drinking
  • Long hair, dangling jewelry/necklaces out of the way
  • Fume Hood Sash at lowest setting when in use and students are working at a minimum of 6 inches into hood
  • Tripping hazards on floor are out of the way
  • No obvious spills on countertops that are not being addressed
  • Gloves being used with strong acid/base work
  • Waste bottles present, labeled, and being used by the students
  • Gloves removed when handling cell phones, calculators, and personal items