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UNF Chemistry - Safety

Welcome to the UNF Department of Chemistry’s safety website. Links below will take you to important information and documents regarding Chemistry’s safety practices. Please contact Radha Pyati, Department Chair, with questions.

UNF Chemistry’s Definition of Safety Culture:

A set of beliefs, principles, and attitudes that pertain to all aspects of laboratory safety which are shared among the majority of department members and consistently implemented using appropriate department policies. A culture that makes safety the #1 priority, minimizes chemical dangers, and continually strives toward best practices. Faculty and staff are mindful of safety issues and enforce safety-related practices in teaching and research labs. Everyone is included in safety best practices and is comfortable to speak up about safety to anyone and any student. 

Chemical Safety Links

  • Chemical Hygiene Plan (PDF)  (Document will return once certified)
  • Instructions for where to find SDS for teaching and research laboratories
    • Online sources: PubChem Laboratory Chemical Safety Summaries (LCSS)
    • Paper copies: All SDS’s are in organic locker room (50/3600) arranged alphabetically.
    • All teaching lab chemicals’ SDS’s are placed in alphabetical binders
    • For research chemical orders, original SDS is kept in SDS binders in organic locker room.
      Photocopy of original SDS is given to faculty member.
  • Safety Committee
  • Safety Walkthroughs