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Resources for Chemistry
Students and Faculty

NEW! Download the Fall 2021 Summary of Chemistry Employment, Internships and Scholarships.

Career Information

Chemistry is the central science and that means getting a chemistry degree opens up many opportunities for your career. If you are interested in working in agriculture, pharmaceuticals, pertrochemicals, flavors, fragrances, forensics, or environmental - chemistry is the undergraduate degree you need.

Maybe you see yourself going to graduate school in chemistry, biochemistry, pharmaceutical science or environmental science. Or maybe you are pre-med, pre-dent, etc. Chemistry turns out to be a better choice for an undergraduate degree as it allows you to stand out in the application process and makes you better prepared for the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT). No matter what your career plans, if you are interested in any of these areas, talk to a chemistry faculty member.

For more information about careers for chemists check out:

Opportunities to do Undergraduate Research

Thinking about going to graduate school or professional school (medical, pharmacy, dentistry etc.)?  Then make the most out of your undergraduate experience and do some undergraduate research.  Find out more here: Undergraduate Research Opportunities and Resources.


Throughout the year a limited number of scholarships are available to chemistry majors. Most scholarships required that you submit a curriculum vitae, a statement about your goals and/or career path, and transcripts (unofficial ones are OK in most situations). Please see our Scholarships page for details.


SciFinder is a research tool used by scientists around the world to access single- and multi-step reactions, experimental and predicted properties, and substance information from the CAS Registry for chemical substance information. Students can register for SciFinder here and log in to SciFinder here.


The department has several copies of ChemDraw-Pro running on various computers within the department.

Chemistry Computer Lab

A chemistry computer lab is available for you to study, prepare your lab reports, complete online homework in Building 50, Room 3008. The computers are equipped with software to draw chemical structures (ChemSketch). Web cameras are available for use.

Library/Search Facilities and Chemistry Tools

The Department of Chemistry has online access to full ACS journals, articles, and many other non-ACS journals via ScienceDirect and other chemistry databases, available through the UNF Thomas Carpenter Library. For more information, contact Stephanie Race.

The Royal Society of Chemistry is one of the world's leading scientific publishers, offering an exceptional range of peer-reviewed journals, magazines, books, databases and publishing services to the chemical science community.

Chronicle of Higher Education

The Thomas G. Carpenter Library now offers full online access to The Chronicle of Higher Education Web site. To access the site, go to from any campus computer. No password is necessary. Off-campus access is available to current faculty, staff and students through Quick Links in myWings and from several library database pages. A link is also available on the library’s faculty information page that automatically prompts the login when you are off campus, at The login is the same as for other library databases. For a quick summary of available content, visit the site map at Highlighted features include the following:

  • Web site updates throughout the day
  • Text from the current print edition posted every Monday morning
  • A searchable archive of every issue published since September 1998
  • Commentary and essays from the weekly magazine, The Chronicle Review
  • Data from the annual almanac and other special, single-topic reports
  • Complimentary e-mail newsletters at